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Austria: Softwood log prices drop in November

Demand for spruce sawlogs is subdued and prices are under pressure. The situation is different with hardwood: Here both demand [...]

Latvian timber market is experiencing a sharp drop in wood prices

Currently, the Latvian timber market is experiencing a fall in the price of softwood roundwood, which has fallen by as [...]

High shipping costs put pressure on New Zealand log export prices to China

    CFR sale prices for logs in China are reasonable but extremely high shipping costs continue to [...]

Pressure on China softwood log prices due to congestion issues

The CFR price for A-grade logs in China has remained variable but the top end is still 182 USD [...]

Estonian log prices are heading for a fall this autumn

    As in many countries, there was an unprecedented log boom in the Estonian timber market during [...]

Sharp drop in New Zealand log export prices in October

With record high prices in the traditionally slow months of June and July now, New Zealand log export prices have [...]

The price of logs in Finland expected to rise 12% this year

    The Finnish timber market will pick up significantly this and next year, says the Finnish Pellervo [...]

Wood prices in Germany are stabilizing

  The Bavarian State Forests are now reporting that the wood price has stabilized for the first time in [...]

Latvia’s softwood sawlog prices reach unprecedented levels

    Latvia's timber market is currently experiencing rising prices for roundwood, which have been affected by [...]

Latest roundwood price trends in Finland

Spruce logs price in Finland reached an average of EUR 66.3 per cubic metre in standing sales in August [...]