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Kährs to lower production in Europe for Q1,Q2/2023

Kährs is preparing and adapting its operations, with a focus on cost control and capacity adjustments in steps, to [...]

Why US Housing demand will continue to move lumber prices

-The complexity of the U.S. housing market continues to yield headwinds and tailwinds for lumber into 2023. -Despite [...]
March 31, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

EPAL Euro pallets set another production record in 2022

Following the milestone of producing more than 100 million new EPAL Euro pallets for the first time in a calendar [...]
March 31, 2023 Latest Trends

Austrian forestry industry struggles with inflation, bark beetle development and EU policies

Climate change, increasing drought and massively rising costs are a constant challenge for Land&Forstbetriebe Austria, (Land&Forestry [...]
March 31, 2023 Latest Trends

Global lumber demand falls, pushing sawlog prices down from record highs

In 4Q 2022, the demand for lumber decreased worldwide, relaxing prices for sawlogs down from record highs. The Global Sawlog [...]
March 30, 2023 Latest Trends

Discussions in Germany that Russian birch plywood is entering EU market via China

A new EU sanctions package is intended to help prevent illegal timber imports from Russia. The EU deforestation regulation also [...]
March 30, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

New UK Timber Sector Deal backs future domestic timber supplies against imports

UK forestry minister Trudy Harrison MP has backed a proposal from Confor and Friends of the Earth to develop a [...]
March 30, 2023 Latest Trends

German forests suffering, their conversion is urgent

On March 21, 2023, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture published the annual report on the state of [...]
March 30, 2023 Latest Trends

An investigation denounces illegal traffic of French wood to China

Oak wood from public forests are allegedly illegally exported to China. The online media Disclose investigated for several months the [...]
March 29, 2023 Latest Trends

Invest Plus became the owner of Russia’s largest IKEA asset

Invest Plus LLC has completed a deal to purchase Russia's largest production asset of IKEA - Ikea Industry Novgorod LLC [...]
March 29, 2023 Latest Trends