Wood Energy

ENplus to open revision process

With recent studies highlighting the rapid expansion of the wood pellet market with a global production increase of 11 percent [...]

Australia’s woodchip industry hit by US-China trade war

Australia's $1.4-billion plantation woodchip industry has been dragged into the US-China trade war, with a number [...]

US wood pellet produces to increase wood pellet prices

    For September 2019, Canadian wholesale and retail wood pellet prices are as-yet unchanged from the [...]

Sharp rise in Russian wood pellets exported to Europe

    The average price of Russian wood pellets sent to the European Union countries in January-July [...]

Production costs for North American wood pellet producers on the rise

    Many pellet manufacturers in North America have had to increase the usage of logs for their [...]

German producer prices for wood products fall due to the bark beetle infestation

The German producer prices for commercial wood products in July now clearly show the consequences of the bark beetle infestation [...]

Russia’s wood industry increased lumber and pellets production

Over the past eight months of this year, the Russian domestic timber industry has been showing steady growth in almost [...]

Russia: RFP Group plans to double lumber production capacity; to boost pellet output

    Over the next four years, one of the leaders in the forest industry in the Far [...]

Rising pellet prices in Germany

    The pellet price in Germany rose by 1.4%  in September compared to the previous month [...]

Prices and market developments for the global wood pellet trade

The global wood pellets market revenue amounted to $5,359.9B in 2018, rising by 6.8% against the previous [...]