Wood Energy

Raw material supply for wood pellet industry causes concerns as many sawmills are closing

    Expectations of a downturn in sawmill activity — a likely result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — has [...]

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global wood pellet market

    The coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause a global economic depression. Many sectors are being and [...]

Largest wood pellet producer in Poland to stop production

    Poland's largest wood pellet producer will halt production until mid-April as a result of [...]

Pinnacle doesn’t expect wood pellet demand to be affected by coronavirus

From an economic perspective, Pinnacle does not expect demand for pellets to be impacted as the company has long-term [...]

Malaysia coronavirus lockdown hurts wood pellet output

Malaysia extended a countrywide lockdown by two weeks to 14 April to combat the spread of the coronavirus, a move [...]

Overview of the global forest industry in 2019

    Global trade of softwood logs in 2019 remained practically unchanged from 2018 at 93 million m3 [...]

Record wood pellet production in Germany; prices still stable

     Of the record production of more than 2.82 million t of wood pellets (+ 16.8 [...]

Germany: Price of pellets on a downward trend

     The price of wood pellets fell slightly in February. The average price for a 6 t [...]

U.S. wood pellet exports reach almost 7 million tons in 2019

    U.S. exported 541,893.4 metric tons of wood pellets in December, bringing total pellet [...]
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