Wood Energy

Germany: Wood pellet prices more than double over a year ago

    Germany's current demand for wood pellets is higher than ever. This applies to pellet heating [...]

EU pellet demand expected to set a new record in 2022

    The European Union consumed a record 23.1 million metric tons of wood pellets in 2021 [...]

European lawmakers battle over whether to limit wood pellets for energy

A European Parliament effort to roll back policies and subsidies that encourage burning wood pellets for energy has suffered a [...]

Rising energy prices- an opportunity for the timber industry?

    Sawn timber, glued laminated timber and solid construction timber prices are currently well below last year [...]

Vietnam’s wood product deliveries slow due to high inflation in key export markets

    In the first months of this year, Vietnam's timber and wood products export has grossed [...]

Pellet prices considerably higher in Western Europe on a year ago

  Due to the Ukraine war, around 10% of pellets are missing on the world market. This primarily affects [...]

Will the production of wood pellets be stopped in Russia due to sanctions?

    Starting July 10, the Russian wood pellet exports to Europe will be completely stopped. From this [...]

Moelven is investing in a pellet factory in Karlskoga

The pellet factory is planned to be put into operation in 2024 and will be built at Moelven Valåsen [...]

Russia reduces production of wood pellets by 10% due to lack of export markets

At the end of 2021, about 2.5 million tons of wood fuel pellets were produced in Russia. However, in [...]

No sales market for Russian pellet exporters starting July

From July 10, the Russian wood pellet exports to Europe, the main market for Russian companies, will be completely stopped [...]