Wood Energy

EU Commission presents its climate package, European forest industry reacts

The European Commission presented the Fit for 55 plan on Wednesday, July 14. 13 legislative proposals are intended to help [...]

Brussels aims to tighten rules on burning wood pellets

    Brussels wants to tighten rules to prevent some forms of wood-burning energy from counting towards [...]

Strong lumber markets in N. America and Europe push up sawlog prices in Q1/2021

The strong lumber markets in North America and Europe resulted in higher sawlog prices in most parts of the world [...]

Drax builds three new pellet plants in Arkansas

    Drax Group will begin constructing the first of three new ‘satellite’ pellet plants in Arkansas.  [...]

Global trade of wood chips drops sharply in 2020

Global trade of wood chips, which are mainly used by pulpmills, grew from about 21 million tons in 2009 to [...]

Sharp rise in softwood sawlog prices in Austria due to booming demand and low availability

Sharply rising prices with extremely lively global demand for building materials. All timber products are currently following this development. Above [...]

Russian Sveza plans large investment in a new sawmill and pellet plant

    Russian Sveza plans to invest 8.6 billion rubles (EUR 93.4 million) in the construction [...]

Drax completed acquisition of Pinnacle Renewable Energy

British energy company Drax, which owns the world’s largest biomass power station, located in the United Kingdom and wood [...]

Europe: Pellet demand to grow by 30-40% over the next five years

    The forecasted growth in wood pellet production in Europe will increase competition for wood fiber and [...]

Drax’s acquisition of Pinnacle approved by shareholders

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. and Drax Group plc. on March 31 each announced shareholder approval for the planned acquisition of [...]