African sawmill and plywood mills feel the effects of reduced Chinese demand

The slowdown in demand in China is becoming a serious problem for operators in the region with saw and ply [...]

Precious Woods to close sawmill in Gabon due to high costs

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Global container freight rates falling sharply

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EU approves import ban law on products linked to deforestation

    The European Union agreed on Tuesday on a new law to prevent companies from selling into [...]

EU tropical wood imports slow with mounting signs of recession

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Top 15 biggest lumber producing companies in the world

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Global demand for timber could grow fourfold by 2050

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Wood industry at COP 27: Combining climate protection and business

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Central Africa: Log export ban postponed indefinitely

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Ocean freights drop sharply as global trade slows down

In 2021, the skyrocketing shipping prices have made the world's major shipping companies more profitable, but now, such good [...]