Wood Construction

100 companies ask for suspension of antidumping duties on Russian birch plywood

    Brussels has been accused of driving building businesses across Europe to the brink of insolvency after [...]

New York City approves use of CLT for six-storey buildings

The New York City Council has approved the use of mass timber for the construction of buildings of up to [...]

Sharp decline in demand for softwood lumber in Germany; sawmills adjust production

    The corona lockdown, drought and forest damage in 2020 was followed by extreme demand in spring [...]

Lumber prices in US are rising again fast

    On Friday, the price per thousand board feet climbed another 5% to $494. Since bottoming out [...]

Sweden leads opposition to EU Forest Strategy

The new 2030 Forest Strategy is triggering diplomatic clashes in the EU over who should be responsible for forest policy [...]

US lumber prices stage a late season rally

    The roller coaster ride for US lumber prices is still going strong. In the past month [...]

Timber supply tensions relax in France, prices expected to fall

    While wood has been the subject of shortages for several months, the French timber industry announces [...]

Lumber shortages in Australia threaten construction industry

    After timber shortages devastated the North American construction industry, Australia is predicted to soon follow.  [...]

U.S. lumber prices are suddenly rising again

    A month after U.S. lumber prices finally returned to normal, prices for wood are ticking [...]