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European lumber exports might decline by a half due to the war in Ukraine

One immediate impact of the war in Ukraine is a tighter market for softwood lumber in Europe. About 20% of [...]

Finland warns energy crisis could curb forest, chemical industry, close factories

Finland's forestry and chemical industry companies are currently doing everything they can to find alternatives to natural gas before [...]

BSW Group to close Garten sawmill

    Citing a downturn in demand across the global timber industry, the war in Ukraine, and increasing [...]

North American softwood lumber prices fall to a new low this year

     Softwood lumber prices continued their downtrend on Wednesday, falling 5% to a new 2022 low of [...]

US cuts softwood tariffs in half for Canadian lumber

The US Commerce Department is cutting tariffs against most Canadian softwood lumber producers by half, but the long-running trade [...]

Unprecedented period of change in European wooden furniture sector

    The last two and half years, marked from the start of 2020 by the Covid-19 [...]