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Harvard University wants to sell some of its South American timberlands

Harvard University is currently trying to sell a part of its timberland investments in South America to investors that would [...]

Resolute Forest Products makes $52 million for Saint-Félicien pulp mill in Canada

Resolute Forest Products Inc. announced a $52.3 million strategic investment plan for its Saint-Félicien pulp mill, located [...]

Increased lumber demand in the US made prices soar

    Lumber prices in the US went higher during last week, as buyers tried to cover pressing [...]

China wants to make huge SEZ around Beijing

China is planning a new special economic zone (SEZ) that will effectively extend the sprawling metropolis of Beijing, transforming the [...]

The 66th International Softwood Conference to be held in Riga

The 66th International Softwood Conference will be held on 10-12 October 2018 in the largest city in the Baltics [...]

Rising wood logs prices in Africa and SE Asia, says the World Bank

The World Bank reconsidered forecast for logs and sawnwood in the recently updated Commodity Markets Outlook.     [...]