Industry Prices

Softwood lumber supply in N. America inconsistent as demand falls

Sawmill operators across Canada and the US chopped softwood lumber prices  by a wide margin in response to: wavering demand [...]

Russian timber industry under pressure due to mild winter

Due to the abnormally warm winter in Russia, a shortage of wood raw materials has formed. Logging equipment sometimes could [...]

Largest wood pellet producer in Poland to stop production

    Poland's largest wood pellet producer will halt production until mid-April as a result of [...]

Malaysia coronavirus lockdown hurts wood pellet output

Malaysia extended a countrywide lockdown by two weeks to 14 April to combat the spread of the coronavirus, a move [...]

Timber prices on the rise in China

In less than a week, Shandong's timber prices have continued to adjust, rising continuously, and the price has increased [...]

Overview of the global forest industry in 2019

    Global trade of softwood logs in 2019 remained practically unchanged from 2018 at 93 million m3 [...]

New Zealand forestry sector not likely to return to normal for six months due to coronavirus crisis

   New Zealand’s forestry industry continues to be impacted by coronavirus related disruption. Timber Industry News'industry contacts [...]