Industry Prices

US lumber prices fell 10% after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates

   US lumber prices extended their 2-day decline to 10% after the Fed hiked interest rates by 75 [...]

Finland: Timber trade drops sharply; log prices stable

    Finnish timber trade was very brisk in August, with the total volume more than 60 percent [...]

N. American lumber producers are cutting back production, a signal that higher interest rates are taking root

A growing number of Canada’s largest producers, including Canfor Corp. and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., recently announced plans [...]

China: Log stocks continue to decline, import prices show an upward trend

    The log inventory in China continued to decline in August, and prices showed an upward trend [...]

Shortages of timber and firewood reported in various European countries

With gas and electricity prices skyrocketing, many homes in Europe are turning to firewood this winter as an alternative or [...]

Germany: Pellet price quadrupled yoy, but trend reversal on the market in sight

    The pellet market in Germany continues to be influenced by many factors, caused by the effects [...]

Polish wood industry expected to face market slowdown in the coming quarters

    Poland's wood industry is one of those branches of domestic processing in which Polish producers [...]

Trends in the global wood markets: What to expect for the end of the year?

    For the global wood industry the end of 2022 seems to be as turbulent as in [...]

Wood pellet shortages in France cause prices to rise

The price of wood pellets is soaring in France due to a growing shortage of the fuel as people prepare [...]

Lumber prices fall as US mortgage rates hit 14 year high

    North American lumber prices fell Wednesday as US mortgage rates hit the highest level in 14 [...]