Industry Prices

Reduced panel production causes prices to rise in China

    In order to improve air quality and the environment producers of woodbased panels in many cities [...]

Sharp rise in prices for hardwood chips exported from Latin America

    Tight supply of hardwood fiber in the Pacific Rim have pushed prices for Latin American hardwood [...]

Falling prices for wood pellets in Vietnam

As demand in South Korea is slowing down, Vietnamese wood pellets prices are falling relative to the rise seen this [...]

Lower OSB prices negatively impact Norbord’s prices

Norbord Inc., the world’s largest producer of oriented strand board (OSB), reported Adjusted EBITDA of USD 36 million in [...]

Cheaper sawlogs in Estonia

    At a price of EUR 73.84/m3 and EUR 76.54/m3 respectively, pine and [...]

Lower prices in Asia cause sharp drop in Metsa Group’s revenues

The profit of the major Finnish forest industry company Metsa Group worsened remarkably in April-July, as prices in China [...]

Falling softwood lumber in US

The measured pace in US framing lumber trading that began in early July persisted into the latter part of the [...]

New Zealand exports more logs, despite falling log prices

    New Zealand exported more logs and wood in June 2019, despite falling log prices overseas. In [...]

Lower sawlog costs in Germany drive the lumber industry export sales

    Large volumes of storm and insect damaged trees in Germany have resulted in an oversupply of [...]

Worst bark beetle infestation in decades expected in France

    Long waves of heat, dry weather have brought the worst bark beetle infestation in two decades [...]