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Sweden: Sawlog prices on the rise in Q2/2018

The second quarter of 2018 shows rising sawlog prices in Sweden on a yearly basis. Pine sawlogs are more expensive [...]

New Zealand’s log export prices fall sharply as Chinese demand crashes

The dramatic drop in August At-Wharf-Gate (AWG) prices for logs delivered to ports around New Zealand is the [...]

European timber operations in Africa move to Asia

A major structural change is underway in the African timber industry as operations are reoriented away from the European market [...]

Chinese wood-based panels manufacturers to cease production due to environmental requirements

According to the Chinese government’s environmental policy called the “Three-Year Plan on Defending the Blue Sky” industrial enterprises [...]

Forecast: Booming expansion of wood pellets production in Russia expected by 2025

While Russia’s wood pellet production is relatively young, it accounts for a six percent share of world wood pellet [...]
August 31, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Russia

Cheaper wood pellets in Germany

    Wood pellets in Germany are still available at low prices this summer. As compared to July [...]

10 largest Russian sawmills boost revenues in 2017

In 2017, the total revenue of the 10 biggest forest products companies in Russia amounted 339.4 billion rubles ($5 [...]

Japan’s Sumitomo buys interest in US housing company

Sumitomo Forestry has acquired a 60% equity interest in the United States Mark III Properties.    The [...]

Drax completes conversion of 4th coal unit to biomass

    Drax has switched on its fourth biomass generating unit—taking the power station in North Yorkshire [...]

China: Redwood imports on the rise

The average growth in the value of retail sales of commodities in 2017 was 8.2% but sales of furniture [...]