Market Analysis

Canadian forest products industry allowed to operate in corona crisis

With the country settling into the reality of social distancing and non-essential business closures for the next few weeks [...]

Wood companies in France seek to restart activity

Each month of lockdown would cost between 2% and 3% growth for the French economy. Under these conditions, French wood [...]

Finland’s sawmill industry expected to be hit hard by the coronavirus crisis

    The coronavirus crisis strikes Finland's forest sector with varying degrees of impact. On the whole [...]

Estonian company builds large softwood sawmill in Belarus

    The Belarusian wood processing industry will become more competitive following the construction of a new sawmill [...]

Lockdowns in Europe rewrites economic forecasts

    Economic forecasts issued only a few weeks ago in Europe, which projected continuing slow increase this [...]

Softwood lumber supply in N. America inconsistent as demand falls

Sawmill operators across Canada and the US chopped softwood lumber prices  by a wide margin in response to: wavering demand [...]

German timber industry: Coronavirus worsens the ongoing bark beetle, storm crisis

The German forestry and timber industry was already in a state of emergency before the coronavirus pandemic: storms, drought and [...]

African tropical timber market impacted by the coronavirus crisis

    As the coronavirus pandemic is expanding in many countries of the world, the tropical timber market [...]

Forecast: What’s the impact of the coronavirus on the Chinese timber industry?

    During the coronavirus crisis, nearly half of the companies in the Chinese wood industry reported that [...]

Raw material supply for wood pellet industry causes concerns as many sawmills are closing

    Expectations of a downturn in sawmill activity — a likely result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — has [...]