Market Analysis

Current situation and prospects of the European wood-based panel industry

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the derived economic sanctions has caused a more pronounced trend to burn wood [...]
April 8, 2023 Market Analysis

Vietnam: Forecast of wood pellet market in 2023

There are a number of factors that may impact the production and trade of wood pellets in 2023. The first [...]
April 6, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

Largest increase in share of EU tropical wood market for at least 15 years

In 2021, logistical problems on the supply side in tropical countries during the COVID pandemic seemed to accelerate the long [...]
April 5, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

Firewood is still considered renewable in EU

The EU's renewables directive has been successfully negotiated. The forest industries welcome the high level of ambition for renewable [...]
April 4, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

Why US Housing demand will continue to move lumber prices

-The complexity of the U.S. housing market continues to yield headwinds and tailwinds for lumber into 2023. -Despite [...]
March 31, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

Discussions in Germany that Russian birch plywood is entering EU market via China

A new EU sanctions package is intended to help prevent illegal timber imports from Russia. The EU deforestation regulation also [...]
March 30, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

EU to weigh up future of wood-burning as renewable energy

As Europe races to replace Russian fossil fuels with cleaner power sources, EU lawmakers are weighing up the future of [...]
March 28, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

Wood prices in Germany are surprisingly rising this year

The German timber market surprised many forest owners. Instead of falling prices and a mood of crisis, wood prices have [...]
March 24, 2023 Market Analysis

Finland imports of wood chips and logs from Russia fell from record to zero

Imports of wood chips and logs to Finland from Russia fell from an all-time high in 2020 to zero [...]
March 24, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis

France: Falling poplar prices in 2023?

Is the historical period just experienced by the poplar in France coming to an end? The question deserves to be [...]
March 22, 2023 Latest Trends / Market Analysis