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The market outlook for OSB in China is optimistic despite current downturn

Industry insiders in China pointed out that due to the downturn in the Chinese housing market this year, the OSB [...]

Record demand for American red oak in India

Demand for American red oak in India is at all-time high. It is this increased demand for red oak [...]

STTC Conference to consider links between FLEGT licenses and forest certification

    To rebuild share in the European market, the tropical wood sector must exploit emerging opportunities from [...]

John Deere expects sales of the construction and forestry equipment to drop by 15%; starts to cut jobs

    Deere & Co. is laying off 57 workers at its Davenport manufacturing plant, saying reduced building [...]

Romania considers banning wood exports outside the EU

    More than half of Romania’s wood exports go outside the European Union (EU), official statistics [...]
December 20, 2019 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Current trends in Russia’s wood pellet market

Wood pellet production in Russia has steadily increased over the past decade, largely driven by exports to Europe where European [...]

Russia to become world’s largest softwood lumber exporter in 2019

    Russia has surpassed Canada to become the world’s largest exporter of softwood lumber in 2019 [...]

Belarus to commission six pellet factories in H1/2020

The Forestry Ministry in Belarus intends to commission six factories to make wood pellets in the regions in H1 2020 [...]

Sawlog prices falling in most major markets around the world

A plentiful supply of logs coupled with declining demand moved sawlog prices downward in most major markets around the world [...]

Dieffenbacher forecasts continued high demand from wood-based panel industry

Wood recycling plants for the wood-based panels industry were the main driver of Dieffenbacher’s recycling business in 2019 [...]