Australia and Pacific Region

Australia’s woodchip industry hit by US-China trade war

Australia's $1.4-billion plantation woodchip industry has been dragged into the US-China trade war, with a number [...]

EU tropical wood trade up 16% in H1/2019

The EU’s trade in tropical wood products was more buoyant in the first half of this year compared to [...]

Timber skyscrapers hold the key to green cities

    Recent studies have shown the environmental benefits of timber residential developments and in future wooden skyscrapers [...]

Record softwood lumber imports in China

Demand for lumber in China, the United Kingdom, Egypt and the Netherlands increased this year despite a slowdown in the [...]

Japanese forestry giants expand in New Zealand

    The growing need in emerging markets for building materials and fuel has spurred Japanese trading houses [...]

Logging contractors in New Zealand shaken by Chinese price collapse

Logging contractors in New Zealand are letting staff go or are working on reduced hours after the sudden fall in [...]

Price recovery for New Zealand’s logs exports to China

New Zealand log prices in China have improved after slumping earlier in the year, restoring a little confidence to the [...]

Wood starts to replace concrete in the global construction industry

For more than a century, countries have raced to build the world’s tallest buildings with concrete and steel. Now [...]

More German and New Zealand logs in the Chinese market

In the January-May period, log imports to China from Russia declined 26.2 percent year-over-year to 3 [...]

Russia and New Zealand compete over timber exports to China

Russia is currently China's largest timber source. In 2018, Russian exports to China reached 15.65 million cubic meters [...]