Archives: March 2020

Top North American lumber producers in 2019

Canadian and U.S. lumber producers faced a tough lumber market that saw more mill curtailments and closures than acquisitions [...]

Russian timber industry under pressure due to mild winter

Due to the abnormally warm winter in Russia, a shortage of wood raw materials has formed. Logging equipment sometimes could [...]

Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global wood pellet market

    The coronavirus pandemic is likely to cause a global economic depression. Many sectors are being and [...]

China’s new forest law to fight illegal logging

       In the first revision to the country’s Forest Law in over twenty years [...]

Largest wood pellet producer in Poland to stop production

    Poland's largest wood pellet producer will halt production until mid-April as a result of [...]

U.S. forest product companies considered ”essential”; to operate under coronavirus lockdown

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Labor have both said the forest products [...]

Pinnacle doesn’t expect wood pellet demand to be affected by coronavirus

From an economic perspective, Pinnacle does not expect demand for pellets to be impacted as the company has long-term [...]

Masisa sells forest assets in Chile

After a process of almost a year Masisa S.A. announced last Friday, March 20, the agreement for the sale [...]

UK timber industry companies hit by coronavirus pandemic

Around two thirds of the respondents to the survey on the impact of Covid-19 have reported a drop in [...]

China allows U.S. softwood exporters exemption from import tariffs

    U.S. softwood exporters may soon sell to China duty-free for the first time since [...]