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US to investigate plywood coming from Vietnam

The import tariff on Vietnamese plywood in the US market is in range of 0–8%; meanwhile, the anti-dumping [...]

Growth in EU tropical timber imports slows in the third quarter

    The EU’s trade in tropical wood products was more buoyant in the first nine of [...]

Global cross-laminated timber (CLT) production capacities in 2020

    In 2020, worldwide CLT production will amount to over 2 million m³ due to numerous large [...]

Current demand in the global wood pellet industry

    The size of the global wood pellet market for 2019 was estimated to be valued at [...]

Vietnam’s wood products industry: opportunities and challenges coexist

    As one of the major trade surplus areas in Vietnam, timber, wood products and forest products [...]

UK extends timber legality requirements after Brexit

    UK tropical and other timber importers were urged to evaluate the impacts for their businesses of [...]

Growing opportunities for Vietnam to forge new wood products business links in the US

    Vietnam’s exports of wood products increased significantly in the first 9 months, most notably exports [...]

Vietnam’s forest products exports on track to generate revenue of US$11.0B in 2019

Robust signs since the outset of the year have made Vietnam's timber and forestry sector confident of gaining 11 [...]

New Zealand’s export prices for logs pick up as demand in China rises

    At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for export logs delivered to ports around New Zealand in October [...]

Trends in the global wood pellets market in the next 10 years

    Western Europe has long been the world’s largest market for wood pellets used in heat [...]