Archives: July 2019

Russia: Sveza plans to set up its own logging company

    Russian plywood manufacturer Sveza has set up its own logging company, Sveza Resource LLC. The company [...]

Chinese woodworking companies to explore business opportunities in the U.S. market

Many Chinese woodworking companies expressed their expectations to further explore business opportunities in the U.S. market, as they participated [...]

Worst bark beetle infestation in decades expected in France

    Long waves of heat, dry weather have brought the worst bark beetle infestation in two decades [...]

Demand of wood pellets in EU expected to reach 30 million tons this year

The US has the potential to supply 65 percent of the EU wood pellet import demand, at an expected trade [...]

EU wood furniture imports on a downward trend

The generally slow development of the EU wood furniture market in 2018 is also apparent in the import data. After [...]

US lumber prices start to drop after weeks of growth

After several weeks of consistent growth, the US lumber prices fell quite considerably last week. On average, lumber prices fell [...]

Euroconstruct: Growth of European construction sector expected to slow in the next years

European construction output is forecasted to increase by less than 2% in 2019, and by less than 1.5 percentage [...]

Plywood production in Malaysia threatened by declining log supplies and rising costs

    The media in Sarawak recently highlighted the impact declining log production and rising production costs are [...]

Canfor announces new production curtailments

    Canfor Corporation announced further capacity reductions at two of its British Columbia sawmills with an indefinite [...]

Rising European trend in wood pellet production continues

    With a production of about 16.9 mmt in 2018, about fifty percent of global production [...]