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Austria: Softwood log price overview in December 2022

The global economic downturn has now also reached Austria. Exports and the added value of the domestic industry shrank. Due [...]

Belarus timber flows to EU circumventing sanctions via Central Asia

Belarus is circumventing EU sanctions by exporting its timber to EU countries using false documents claiming that the wood comes [...]

Rayonier completes acquisitions in U.S. South

Rayonier Inc. completed its previously announced acquisitions of high-quality commercial timberlands located in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana from [...]

Swedish sawmills are unexpectedly strong due to high US demand

One of the explanations for the unexpected strength in a currently declining wood products economy is how much wood products [...]

Segezha inaugurates Galich plywood mill in Russia; considers selling its European assets

Segezha Group officially opened the Galich plywood mill, which is one of the largest greenfield projects in the Russian timber [...]

Prices of wood pellets continue to fall in Germany

Prices for wood pellets have fallen further in November and have now been following a pronounced downward trend since the [...]

African sawmill and plywood mills feel the effects of reduced Chinese demand

The slowdown in demand in China is becoming a serious problem for operators in the region with saw and ply [...]

Russian plywood production and exports collapse; new markets in sight

Since the beginning of this year, both domestic production and export growth of plywood in Russia have shown a slowdown [...]

UK timber import volumes expected to grow long term, despite recent fluctuations

    Average UK timber import totals from 2010 to 2022 have seen steady growth, despite significant fluctuation [...]
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Latvia will strictly investigate the import of “conflict timber” from Russia

On December 14, the Latvian State Forestry Administration issued a reminder that the import of Russian and Belarusian timber and [...]