Wood Furniture

German furniture industry faces worsening raw material bottlenecks

In the German furniture industry, the supply situation for important supplier products is worsening. In a current association survey, around [...]

Pervanovo to acquire large oak veneer producer in Croatia

Pervanovo Invest AB, headquartered in Viken Sweden and with subsidiaries in Croatia, has acquired 98% of the shares in Spa [...]

Unilin acquires industrial sawmill in Romania from JAF Group

Unilin Group, through its division Unilin Flooring, has come to an agreement with the Austrian supplier of timber and wood [...]

India’s timber import market in crisis

India's biggest timber cluster at Kandla is staring at a dark future, with fears of production suspension, leaving workers [...]

Timber prices are skyrocketing in Germany; significant supply shortage

Wood for Germany's construction sites is becoming scarce.  Real estate companies warn that urgently needed housing construction is threatened [...]

Ligna cancels this year’s event

    Perhaps it was to be expected that given the pandemic situation and the knock-on travel [...]

Skyrocketing wood prices in some European countries

European wood is in great demand. That leads to skyrocketing prices.    "The sudden and massive shortage [...]

Record ocean freight rates threaten Vietnamese wood exports

    There is no sign of lowering ocean freights, and there is still a shortage of containers [...]

Lack of raw materials threaten wood prices in Vietnam

As global supply chains were affected by the Suez Canal incident, the supply issues for raw materials for Vietnam’s [...]