Archives: April 2020

Canfor reports loss in Q1/2020

    Canfor Corp. reported a loss in its most recent quarter compared with a profit a year [...]

Shard drop in roundwood prices in Latvia

The bark beetle infestation which hit the Central European countries resulted in overproduction and a sharp fall in prices determining [...]

Almost 40 sawmills forced to close in Canada

    The Forest Products Association of Canada says the demand for toilet paper has skyrocketed — increasing by [...]

Huge impact of pandemic on the Vietnamese timber sector, says survey

In the recent decade, based on 2 key competitive advantages, including cheap labour (average monthly wage of US$300) and [...]

Some sawmills in Finland are running despite coronavirus pandemic

Despite the emergency situation caused by the coronavirus, everyday life at Koskisen production plants is still close to normal. Logs [...]

Chinese economy contracts for the first time in 28 years

    China’s economy shrank in the first three months of 2020, its first contraction since 1992 [...]

Coronavirus pandemic consequences on the European timber market

    There are wide-ranging and severe effects upon the timber value chain. There are however significant [...]

Huge impact of pandemic on the Indonesian timber sector, survey reveals

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the measures adopted to try and slow its spread are having a [...]

Russia: Prices of roundwood fall sharply in February 2020

    Roundwood prices in Russia have dropped sharply in February 2020, indicating some first coronavirus impact on [...]

German wood pellet prices fall despite coronavirus related increased demand

Despite coronavirus related increased demand, wood pellets in April 2020 are significantly cheaper than in the previous month at a [...]