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Price recovery for New Zealand’s logs exports to China

New Zealand log prices in China have improved after slumping earlier in the year, restoring a little confidence to the [...]

Slowdown in forest activity affects pellet producers in North America

Follow-through from unstoppable demand for solid wood products at the end of 2017 lead to robust lumber sales through [...]

Wood starts to replace concrete in the global construction industry

For more than a century, countries have raced to build the world’s tallest buildings with concrete and steel. Now [...]

Kazakhstan temporary bans exports of timber

A temporary prohibition on the export of timber has entered into force in Kazakhstan,Trendreports with reference to the press [...]
August 29, 2019 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Asia & Middle East

New rules for US hardwood logs exports to the European Union

The new EU implementing directive 2019/523 of 21 March 2019 (available on request) concerns the protection measures against the [...]

Vietnam expands wood pellet exports to Japan

Pellet imports to Japan from Vietnam jumped 219.6% y-o-y in first half of 2019 to 420.9 [...]

Investigation of padauk export from Congo to EU impacts prices

In early July Belgian Customs blocked the release of a shipment of padouk sawnwood dispatched from Gabon. The Belgian authorities [...]

Germany: Price overview for wood products

    Producer prices for commercial wood products in Germany continued to decline in June. While there is [...]

Nordic wood pellet prices hit new record this summer

Nordic wood pellet prices have risen to record highs amid stronger demand over the past month, but ample supply and [...]

More German and New Zealand logs in the Chinese market

In the January-May period, log imports to China from Russia declined 26.2 percent year-over-year to 3 [...]