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Dieffenbacher expects record-setting wood-based panel plants in 2018

Dieffenbacher anticipates 2018 as one of its busiest and most significant years ever based on the completion of record-setting [...]

Overview of tropical species availability on the EU market

Looking at individual species and products, importers in several EU countries, report particularly good demand for sapele in 2017, with [...]
February 28, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Sawmilling / Europe

Georgia-Pacific invests $135 million in softwood lumber production plant

Georgia‐Pacific announced on the 20th of February that the company will build a new softwood lumber production facility in [...]

Finnish electricity company opens 92MW wood pellet plant

Finnish electricity company Helen, has opened a new 92MW biomass plant in Helsinki. The plant is the largest pellet-fired [...]

Chinese flooring sales up by 5% in 2017

According to the flooring Committee, China National Forestry Forest Industry Association (CNFPIA), China's wood and bamboo flooring sales in [...]

EU imports of sawn temperate hardwood decline 7%

EU imports of sawn temperate hardwoods also declined in 2017, although less dramatically than imports of sawn tropical hardwoods. Total [...]

New standards in China to reduce number of redwood species

A revised national standard, (GB/T 18107-2017 effective 1 July 2018), for Chinese redwood has been released by the [...]
February 27, 2018 Market Analysis / Forestry / ...China

Woodworking machinery company in China acquires 75% of Italian Masterwood

Guangzhou KDT Machinery Co. will buy 75 percent of Masterwood, a recognized Italian brand of machinery for wood processing, for [...]

Great results for the woodworking machinery industry in Italy

2017 was a good year for the industry Italian woodworking machinery manufacturers, according to Acimall's latest figures. The value [...]

China forecasts 18% decline in softwood log imports and 10% in hardwood log imports expected in the next decade

China's logs, lumber and woodchips imports have been ascending rapidly and reached very high values. Between 2012 and 2017 [...]
February 27, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / China