Indonesian timber industry seeks to take advantage of the US-China trade war

The Indonesian government is mulling over banking on its timber and furniture industry to seize the momentum amid the ongoing [...]

Vietnam’s wood industry struggles to prevent trade fraud as Chinese move business in the country

    According to a market research on wood processing market of Vietnam by Forest Trend, in the [...]

Australia’s woodchip industry hit by US-China trade war

Australia's $1.4-billion plantation woodchip industry has been dragged into the US-China trade war, with a number [...]

U.S. hits China with antidumping duties on wooden cabinets of up to 251%

    The U.S. trade conflict with China may not have spared the kitchen sink, or even [...]

List of all of the Chinese wood products that will be charged the 30% tariff this month

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Largest North American hardwood producer to close one of its sawmills due to trade war with China

    The largest North American hardwood supplier will close one of its Washington sawmills because of the [...]

European softwood logs exports to China triple as the bark beetle infestation advances

    As the bark beetle infestation ravages European forests and consequently the supply of logs has increased [...]

Many wood-based panel mills closed in China

Because of the new environmental regulations many wood processing mills in the Manzhouli, Suifenhe and Erlianhot areas have stopped production [...]

Falling demand and drop in prices for US hardwood due to trade war with China

  Lumber mills in the U.S. have been a casualty of President Trump's trade war with China [...]

Chinese particleboard and MDF market recovering in September

With the arrival of the peak season, China's particleboard market in September has slightly accelerated, and the business pressure [...]