Archives: August 2021

European Commission doesn’t consider a timber export ban

    Recently, more than 9000 European wood processing companies have signed the "Stop Log Exports" petition to [...]

Falling roundwood prices in Finland

Finnish spruce logs fetched an average of EUR 66.9 per cubic metre in standing sales in July. This was [...]

Vietnam’s wood industry paralyzed due to new coronavirus outbreaks

The ongoing coronavirus outbreaks are now threatening to bring the Vietnamese timber industry to its knees, with businesses and associations [...]

Record prices for timber in Ireland

    Despite the fact that wood prices have eased in North America, Ireland still has to face [...]

North American lumber price seasonality signals possible year-end rally

Plunging North American lumber prices may have sent shares of producers tumbling in recent weeks, but analysts and traders say [...]

Wood prices are rising, but Europe has enough stocks

    Wood prices have risen worldwide in the past year. But is there enough wood in stock [...]

Russia: Winners and losers from the roundwood export ban

    In Russia, from January 1, 2022, a complete ban will be introduced on the export of [...]

Estonia: The price of logs expected to rise further this autumn

      High demand for wood has led to a sharp increase in prices in Estonia [...]

Poland: The Ministry responds to the call of the timber industry for a log export ban

The Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment answered to a call from the timber industry to limit the export of [...]

European sawmills benefitted from higher lumber prices in US

    Facing unprecedented lumber prices at home, US importers have massively purchased lumber from Europe in the [...]