Archives: April 2022

Wood prices in Germany are rising at rocket speed

Wood prices in Germany are at a level never seen before and continue to rise at rocket speed. This applies [...]

Shanghai blockade could make Europe face ‘logistics nightmare’

    Although there are signs that Shanghai port congestion is easing, European business could face a "logistics [...]

UPM reports good start of the year; excellent results in plywood and lumber business

    UPM's net sales increased by 12 percent to EUR 2,507 million in the first [...]

Ponsse removes Russian orders for Euro 109 million from order book

    The crisis in Ukraine has a significant impact on Ponsse’s operations and finances, company said [...]

China: Covid lockdown puts pressure on the softwood log imports

    In China COVID has significantly disrupted the log trade with major cities under lockdown and building [...]

Ukraine war is causing shortage in Europe’s pallet supply

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has proven disastrous for the thousands of Ukrainians who have lost their lives and the [...]

Swedish sawmill industry not much affected by the sanctions against Russia

    Competition for wood products becomes tougher when European buyers, who have previously imported from Russia, and [...]

Russian imported plywood will be ‘hard to replace,’ says US hardwoods group

    As of April 8, the U.S. has suspended normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus [...]

Setra’s Q1 earnings boosted by higher prices and strong market

    Swedish wood products company Setra has reported an operating profit of SEK 480 million or EUR [...]

North American lumber prices to rebound into summer after reclaiming the $1,000 level

     North American lumber prices crossed back above the $1,000 level on Thursday as seasonal demand [...]