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Most European countries fulfilled EUTR obligations

On 19 June the European Commission has published a table with information on the state of implementation of the European [...]
June 16, 2015 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Sawmilling / Europe

The Austrian wood industry on a downward trend

The Austrian wood industry recorded a turnover of 7.08 billion euros in 2014, and thus registered a decline over [...]
June 16, 2015 Market Analysis / Forestry / ...Sawmilling / Europe

Massive Chinese overseas forestry investments

It has been reported that domestic investors invested some US$103 billion in 156 countries in 2014, up 14% year [...]

IKEA to invest € 1 billion in renewable energy

In an interview for Reuters, IKEA's CEO Peter Agnefjall said the the company will spend 1 billion euros on [...]