China to reduce tariffs on wood products with effect from Jan 2023

According to the Ministry of Finance of China, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council has issued an announcement [...]

One of the largest sawmill companies in Russia to stop all wood pellet production

ULK Group, the largest sawmill company in the Northwest of Russia, will stop all of its pellet production facilities due [...]

Belarus timber flows to EU circumventing sanctions via Central Asia

Belarus is circumventing EU sanctions by exporting its timber to EU countries using false documents claiming that the wood comes [...]

Segezha inaugurates Galich plywood mill in Russia; considers selling its European assets

Segezha Group officially opened the Galich plywood mill, which is one of the largest greenfield projects in the Russian timber [...]

Russian plywood production and exports collapse; new markets in sight

Since the beginning of this year, both domestic production and export growth of plywood in Russia have shown a slowdown [...]

Latvia will strictly investigate the import of “conflict timber” from Russia

On December 14, the Latvian State Forestry Administration issued a reminder that the import of Russian and Belarusian timber and [...]

China: Hopes that Covid restriction easing would bring back wood demand

Several major Chinese banks have adopted a government led 16-point rescue plan to extend billions to struggling private developers [...]

Global container freight rates falling sharply

For more than two years the only way for container shipping prices was up. That trend is now reversing as [...]

PEFC extends Russian and Belarusian conflict timber “indefinitely”

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has clarified that the validity of the conflict timber clarification has [...]
December 16, 2022 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...Russia

Concern that increased Turkish wood pellet exports originate from Russia

The European-Union (EU)-imposed ban on imports of woody biomass from Russia has resulted in a seven-fold spike [...]