Global wood consumption hits lowest rate in the decade in 2019

   The growth in global wood consumption has increased by only 0.3% in 2019, the lowest rate in [...]

Coronavirus: Russia suspends timber trains to China

   Since January 31st, all railway transport between Russia and China is suspended except for Beijing-Moscow round-trip [...]

Russian forest industry in crisis due to warm weather that impedes logging

The forest industry in Russia is currently in a crisis situation because of the abnormally warm weather this winter. The [...]
February 12, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Russia

Russian softwood logs exports collapse in 2019

    Russian softwood logs exports dropped by 27% in the third quarter of last year; with exports [...]
February 10, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Russia

Segezha Group to acquire Finnish sawmill in Karelia

The Segezha Group has acquired Karelian Wood Company, a sawmill owned by Pin Arctic Oy in Kostomuksha in the Republic [...]

Global wood pellet prices-forecast 2020

The price of pellets will be heavily influenced by long-term contracts for wood pellets. In fact, the volatility of [...]

Trends and evolution of the global wood pellet market in 2020

    Global wood pellet markets have had significant growth in the past decade. Between 2012 and 2018 [...]

Global softwood lumber production is projected to grow by 1.6% in 2020

    In reviewing 2019, where Europe is grouped as “one region,” the five largest producers are Europe [...]

European bark beetle crisis has multiple implications in global lumber markets

A new wildcard in the global supply of lumber, as well as log exports, is the rapid expansion of the [...]

Russian wood pellet production continues to grow

Russia’s wood pellet industry will continue to increase production and exports in response to growing demand from European countries [...]
January 23, 2020 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe / Russia