Archives: June 2022

Wood prices in Germany: spruce 50% more expensive – new record prices

While the world market prices for wood are falling, there is no sign of this in Germany.    [...]

“Timber prices going up daily” in Europe due to Ukraine war, architects complain

European architects and designers are struggling to source wood for their projects as Russia's invasion of Ukraine has brought [...]

Finland: Lumber prices start to fall sharply

    Uncertainty is already visible in Finland's lumber market, and demand and prices for lumber have [...]

Russian sawmills hit hard by sanctions

    Already in May 2022, Russian sawmilling companies were able to largely feel the impact of sanctions [...]

The European sawmill industry is skeptical about Q3/2022

The first months of 2022 were very positive for the industry thanks to strong demand. Thanks to a stable supply [...]

N. American lumber prices remain near recent lows as new home construction sinks

     Lumber prices remained near recent lows as construction on new homes fell while mortgage rates jumped [...]

Plywood plants of Russian Sveza work at 20-40% of capacity

Aleksey Mordashov, head of the board of directors of Severstal, which also owns the leading Russian birch plywood producer Sveza [...]

Wood supply shortage expected to hit European markets in the coming months

    European parquet markets have diverged in 2022. While Italy, Scandinavia and Spain have seen continuing increases [...]

IKEA to sell its four plants in Russia

    The Swedish retailer IKEA plans to sell its plants in Russia.    The [...]

UK boosts imports of lower-priced Latvian hardwoods

    UK hardwood import volumes shot up by 30% in Q1 2022 as compared to the same [...]