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North American lumber market to remain volatile in Q4/2022-Q1/2023

After surging to record highs at the pinnacle of North America’s pandemic housing market boom, lumber prices have taken [...]

Forecast: Finland’s lumber exports and prices to fall considerably next year

The uncertainty of the economy and the decrease in consumption will weaken the prospects of the Finnish forest industry this [...]

Sweden’s softwood lumber exports: less to Europe, more to US and Asia

In the first seven months of 2022, Sweden has exported about 7,7 million cubic meters of sawn and planed [...]

European lumber exports might decline by a half due to the war in Ukraine

One immediate impact of the war in Ukraine is a tighter market for softwood lumber in Europe. About 20% of [...]

European softwood lumber exports to the US at a high pace in Q1/2022

    European softwood lumber exports to the USA continued to rise in the first quarter of 2022 [...]

Russia increases softwood lumber exports to China

In February 2022, Russia’s exports of softwood lumber to China expanded 6.9% year-on-year to 810.4 [...]

European lumber exports to the United States rise sharply in Jan.-Sep. 2021

      US imports of lumber from Europe in the first nine months of the year [...]

Prices for Finnish exported lumber expected to fall after record highs

    The Finnish forest industry has benefited from high export prices due to the coronavirus pandemic. The [...]

European softwood lumber exports to the United States increased by 39%

      Due to an unprecedented domestic demand, US massively imported softwood lumber from Europe in [...]

Russia expands lumber exports to the EU countries

In Europe, the positive dynamics of growth rates in the construction sector continues. However, due to the high level of [...]