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China’s demand for New Zealand logs uncertain; prices stable in December

The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for New Zwealand exported logs remained unchanged in December, although there were reported some [...]

China’s demand for softwood logs expected to be reduced in Q1/2022

Softwood inventory levels in China have dropped slightly to 4.5mln m3 and daily offtake remains steady at 75k per [...]

Slowdown in China’s softwood log consumption indicates market correction

Demand for softwood logs in China remained favorable during the third quarter (Q3) of the year, despite seasonally lower consumption [...]

China: Sharp rise in CIF prices for lumber imports

According to China Customs in the third quarter of 2021 lumber imports totalled 21.91 million cubic metres valued at [...]

Chinese demand for softwood logs very low due to market uncertainty

    The current enthusiasm of Chinese domestic timber businessmen to stock up at the end of the [...]

New Zealand log prices hit by ‘perfect storm’

New Zealand log prices were at near record levels earlier in 2021, but last month sunk to lows not seen [...]

China: Rising volumes and CIF prices for log imports

According to China Customs, log imports in the third quarter of 2021 totalled 48.4 million cubic metres valued at [...]

Lithuanian timber exports to China blocked due to political dispute

China downgraded its diplomatic ties with the Baltic state and suspended consular services there after the Taiwanese Representative Office in [...]

Impact of the Russia log export ban on the supply of sawlogs to China

How will the supply of sawlogs in China develop next year, when Russia stops exporting logs?     [...]