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Impact of the Russia log export ban on the supply of sawlogs to China

How will the supply of sawlogs in China develop next year, when Russia stops exporting logs?     [...]

Booming trend in European log exports to China unlikely to continue

    European softwood logs were practically non-existent at Chinese ports five years ago. However, a combination [...]

France’s oak industry faces biggest supply crisis in history

    The supply situation of oak logs to French sawmills continues to deteriorate dangerously as exports to [...]

Congestion at Chinese ports puts high pressure on log exports

The cost of shipping wood to China has almost trippled since January — the result of Covid, increased fuel prices and [...]

New Zealand could limit timber exports to China due to shortages

For New Zealand, forestry is New Zealand's third largest export product , with annual revenues of more than US$6 [...]

Demand for timber falls in China, and so do prices. Why?

So, what caused the current timber import price drop in China and how long’s it going to last for [...]

Substantial increases in production costs for China’s wood product sector

Because of the government’s power rationing policy production, the China's wood product sector is being disrupted and output [...]

China: COVID-19 cases spike puts pressure on timber prices

    China's new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases spiked to a near three-month high. In [...]

Pressure on China softwood log prices due to congestion issues

The CFR price for A-grade logs in China has remained variable but the top end is still 182 USD [...]