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China: Log stocks continue to decline, import prices show an upward trend

    The log inventory in China continued to decline in August, and prices showed an upward trend [...]

China: Rise in CIF prices for lumber imports

    CIF prices for China’s lumber imports from most suppliers rose in the first half of [...]

China: August review of the softwood log market

China softwood log inventory has remained stable at about 4.6 - 4.7m. Fresh pine logs are sold quickly after [...]

China’s demand for softwood logs and lumber still sluggish in the third quarter

    The implementation of pandemic prevention and control measures in China in the first half of the [...]

Ikea announces further investments in Chinese market

Ingka Group, the parent group of Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea, will invest 5.3 billion yuan (EUR 770 million [...]

China: Falling stocks of N. American logs and European spruce logs

Softwood log inventories at the China’s main ocean ports totalled 4.96 million m3 on July 30th, 2022, a [...]

China to plant 70 billion trees by 2030

    China's 14th five-year plan envisages that around 33.3 million hectares of land will [...]
August 23, 2022 Latest Trends / Forestry / ...China

France now dominates China’s oak log imports

Because of firm demand for oak flooring and furniture oak imports have been increasing and exceeded 1 million cubic metres [...]

Dramatic decline in China’s softwood log imports in H1/2022

China’s log imports in the first half of 2022 totaled 22.38 million cubic meters valued at US$4 [...]

Russian birch plywood enters the European market through China

Several birch plywood importers from the UK have reported an increase of offers from the far east in recent weeks [...]