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3000 plywood businesses have been closed in China

A massive restructuring effort to eliminate outdated and polluting wood processing mills, many of them being plymills had, by the [...]

Chinese producers adjust plywood export codes as to avoid US tariffs

China increases its attempts to avoid the US tariffs on plywood imports. Thus, the identification codes which will be placed [...]

Russian softwood lumber exports up, driven by increased Chinese demand

    Increased exports of softwood lumber from Russia to China the past decade have resulted in higher [...]

Finnish softwood lumber exports might decrease in 2018 due to slow Chinese demand

The production volume of sawn goods will increase 1–2 percent in 2018. Export of pine timber will increase, but [...]

Outlook for the Chinese wood products trade during 1H/2018

    Data from China Customs shows that in the first half of 2018 the value of China [...]

Slowing demand for Chinese wood furniture in Europe

After making gains last year, EU wood furniture imports from tropical countries and China fell in the first 6 months [...]

Falling log prices in New Zealand

    New Zealand's export log market took a hit from the trade dispute between the US [...]

Wood products trade between China and the US slows

China’s Customs data shows that in the first half of 2018 the value of wood products trade between China [...]

Massive French softwood logs exports to China

      The European softwood logs exports to China have went up by 560% during January [...]

Ghina: Wood processing industry booming in Guangdong Province

During the last few years, once with the increase in demand for wood processing products in Guangdong Province, Southeast China [...]