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40% of Chinese factories in Gabon have ceased production

It is estimated that about 40% of Gabon’s Chinese factories have ceased production. In some cases, the plywood plants [...]

Is China going to ban imports of Canadian timber?

On June 16, China announced that pests were found in logs imported from Canada. This news triggered concerns in the [...]

South American log supply to China restarts

According to Timber Industry News sources, the supply of logs in South America to China has recently restarted.   [...]

European spruce supply to China disrupted by container shortage

    China will receive more and more spruce from European forests, which are currently destroyed by storms [...]

Significant recovery in China’s softwood lumber imports in April

After Chinese imports of softwood lumber experienced a though first quarter, a significant recovery was noticed at the beginning of [...]

Where is the Chinese timber market heading in the post-pandemic era?

As the world is gradually entering the post-coronavirus period, there is one main question that haunts the global wood [...]

Forecast: Chinese lumber imports from the Nordic countries to exceed those from Canada

    In early 2020, due to oversupply, the declining prices made European lumber producers more globally competitive [...]

Swedish sawmills gain market shares in China and US during pandemic

          Many Swedish sawmills are now running at full speed again [...]

High import prices determine sawmills in China to slow down or stop production

   In March import prices in China had picked up despite total log inventory still building to over 8 [...]

Worries over the evolution of China’s log demand in the medium term

There are some concerns about the China log market in the medium term. China’s finance minister Liu Kun said [...]