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Forecast: What’s the impact of the coronavirus on the Chinese timber industry?

    During the coronavirus crisis, nearly half of the companies in the Chinese wood industry reported that [...]

China’s new forest law to fight illegal logging

       In the first revision to the country’s Forest Law in over twenty years [...]

China allows U.S. softwood exporters exemption from import tariffs

    U.S. softwood exporters may soon sell to China duty-free for the first time since [...]

Russian timber industry in search for new markets

Many exporters of the Russian timber industry are suffering losses because of the coronavirus. The majority were forced to change [...]

China’s construction industry collapses in the first two months

    The number of new housing starts in China over January-February slumped by 45% year on [...]

Timber prices on the rise in China

In less than a week, Shandong's timber prices have continued to adjust, rising continuously, and the price has increased [...]

Chinese trade alive after coronavirus crisis

   China made significant progress in kick starting its imports and exports in the last week/days. Data from [...]

China cargo flows return to pre-coronavirus levels

   Finally, some good news about the coronavirus and global supply chains: Cargo volumes and ship calls have swiftly [...]

Consequences of coronavirus for the Chinese timber industry

     Since mid-January, continued measures taken by China to control the spread of coronavirus have slowed [...]