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China cancels tariffs on New Zealand wood products

China will implement an upgrade to the free trade agreement between Beijing and Wellington to eliminate tariffs of 12 wood [...]

Global log supply to China constrained; prices rising steadily

The price for logs in China has risen steadily through Quarter 1 with the price for A-grade logs now [...]

Russia increases softwood lumber exports to China

In February 2022, Russia’s exports of softwood lumber to China expanded 6.9% year-on-year to 810.4 [...]

China: Sharp rise in prices for imported softwood lumber

    According to data from China’s Customs 2021 lumber imports totaled 28.84 million cubic meters [...]

Global log supply to China remains subdued, prices rising

The issues around Evergrande and the wider issues in the Chinese construction industry seem to be worrying, however demand is [...]

China to become “virtually the only available market” for Russian timber

    Faced with a blockade of cargo transportation to foreign countries, the Russian domestic timber industry is [...]

Sharp increase in prices for New Zealand exported logs to China

The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for New Zealand exported logs increased an average of $7 in January and $27 [...]