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New Zealand: Log export prices to China at record levels

The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for export logs in June increased an average of $5 per JASm3 from May [...]

Timber import prices started to fall in China

    Timber import prices in China have started to fall in mid-May and continued the downward [...]

Segezha Group sent first lumber container train from Russia to China

    On May 21, the Arkhangelsk-based company Onega Sawmills - part of the Segezha Group - sent its [...]

Poland: Roundwood prices are rising at a dizzying pace due to huge exports to China

Huge demand in the USA and China has led to a 30-50 percent increase in raw material prices in [...]

New Zealand log export prices to China continue to rise in May

Despite a strengthening NZD, the At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for New Zealand exported logs in May increased an average [...]

Finnish lumber in short supply in China due to high prices

According to Chinese importers contacted by Timber Industry News, the supply of Finnish pine lumber in China's domestic market [...]

Uruguay: Timber exports and prices hit record high due to strong Chinese demand

    Benefiting from the recovery of the global economy, apart from the United States who has been [...]

China mills struggling with higher import log prices

The rate of increase in log prices has slowed with some mills in China now struggling with the higher log [...]

China: Imbalance between strong demand, poor supply favors New Zealand log exporters

While most industry insiders were expecting flat or slightly export prices for May, New Zealand log export prices rose at [...]

China will have a supply gap of almost 9 million m3 of logs by 2022

Even if China increases imports from Europe and New Zealand, there will be a gap of of 8.66 million [...]