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Sweden and Germany expand softwood lumber exports to China

    Despite the ongoing pandemic and the lockdowns which have slowed trade in many European countries, EU [...]

Belarus boosts lumber exports by 30%, to enter Chinese market

In January-May 2020, lumber export of companies run by the Belarusian Forestry Ministry went up by 30%.   [...]

40% of Chinese factories in Gabon have ceased production

It is estimated that about 40% of Gabon’s Chinese factories have ceased production. In some cases, the plywood plants [...]

Is China going to ban imports of Canadian timber?

On June 16, China announced that pests were found in logs imported from Canada. This news triggered concerns in the [...]

South American log supply to China restarts

According to Timber Industry News sources, the supply of logs in South America to China has recently restarted.   [...]

European spruce supply to China disrupted by container shortage

    China will receive more and more spruce from European forests, which are currently destroyed by storms [...]

Significant recovery in China’s softwood lumber imports in April

After Chinese imports of softwood lumber experienced a though first quarter, a significant recovery was noticed at the beginning of [...]

Where is the Chinese timber market heading in the post-pandemic era?

As the world is gradually entering the post-coronavirus period, there is one main question that haunts the global wood [...]

Forecast: Chinese lumber imports from the Nordic countries to exceed those from Canada

    In early 2020, due to oversupply, the declining prices made European lumber producers more globally competitive [...]

Swedish sawmills gain market shares in China and US during pandemic

          Many Swedish sawmills are now running at full speed again [...]