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Decline in supply to China from major sawn softwood suppliers

    In the first half of 2021, China’s sawn softwood imports came to 9.66 million [...]

Rise in CIF prices for China sawnwood imports

    According to China Customs in the first half of 2021 sawnwood imports totalled 14.06 million [...]

Severe timber shortage in UK as ‘perfect storm’ brings price hikes and delays

    The Covid crisis, Brexit hurdles and surging construction activity have combined to create a ‘huge’ timber [...]

Canada’s lumber producers to move more to US South due to high log prices in BC

    British Columbia is sharply increasing the cost of logs for lumber producers just as wood products [...]

Highest EU tropical wood imports since 2012

EU27 imports of tropical wood and wooden furniture started this year slowly in January and February but surged to US [...]

Chinese softwood lumber imports fall sharply, softwood logs purchases growing steadily

In the first seven months, China's softwood lumber imports fell by a third compared to the same period last [...]

Chinese timber demand on the rise in mid-August as construction activity heats up

In early August, China's timber demand has started to pick up. The rainy weather in many regions of the [...]

EU’s plywood imports rebound strongly since September last year

Latest analysis of Eurostat figures underlines the recent volatile conditions in the EU and UK plywood trade. Total EU+UK [...]

Prices of imported lumber at main Chinese timber distribution markets in August 2021

    The below index contains the latest update (August 2021) for prices of lumber from three major [...]

Chinese import of softwood lumber enters a falling trend

The steady increase in softwood lumber import in China continued during the first six months of 2020, but then entered [...]