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EU plywood market outlook: import prices rise sharply

    In Q1-Q3 2021, plywood import prices in the EU jumped by 26% compared to 2020 [...]

Chinese softwood lumber imports drop 26% in 2021

    China’s imports of softwood lumber in 2021 declined by -26.2% year-over-year to [...]

Chinese timber import market faces a complicated 2022

    At the beginning of the new year, the Chinese timber industry is waiting for the market [...]

UK’s sawn timber supply back to normal after nearly a year of record imports

    More than 3.32 million m3 of sawn timber and panel imports were imported into the [...]

Congested Chinese ports put pressure on softwood log imports

    Log stocks in China have not increased but there is a lot of volume on boats [...]

Latvia’s timber industry concerned about trade with Belarus

    Latvian timber industry has recently raised alarm that the Latvian banks are being overly cautious regarding [...]

High price of imported European spruce logs in China

The recent surge in spruce log prices coming from Europe has severely affected the enthusiasm of Chinese dealers to purchase [...]

Current trends in China imports and prices of softwood lumber

China's imports of softwood lumber from Russia from January to July decreased by 19% year-on-year, a fall [...]

Demand for softwood logs demand in China expected to increase in September

    Softwood log inventory in China has not risen in the last month and sits around 5 [...]

India’s domestic timber demand to be driven up by huge infrastructure demand

The huge demand for infrastructure will inevitably drive a sharp increase in India's domestic timber demand.       [...]