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China sharply reduces imports of Russian logs and boosts imports of lumber

    In January-May, log imports to China from Russia declined 26.2% y-o-y to [...]

Vietnam imports large quantities of timber and wood products from the US

    Vietnam has been moving towards building a sustainable wood processing industry that uses legal materials in [...]

Chinese softwood lumber imports went 17% up during Jan.-May 2019

In January-May 2019, China increased softwood lumber imports by 17.1% year-on-year to 11.6 million m3 [...]

Stocks of logs at Chinese ports starting to fall

Total softwood log stocks across China have reduced slightly from last month to around 3.8 million m3. Daily uplift [...]

Tropical timber imports to benefit from EU deforestation policies

Increasingly the twin concepts of “zero deforestation” and “embodied deforestation” lie at the heart of European policy making, both in [...]

Chinese companies seeking alternatives to US timber

At present, Chinese companies have been able to absorb the increased tariff levels on imported US timber raw materials but [...]

China: Boom in timber delivered via railway

    How will the competition between railway transported timber and port timber affect the market structure in [...]

China pays higher prices for softwood lumber imports

    Average price for imported softwood lumber in China in April was $180 per m3, a decline [...]

EU tropical timber imports on the rise

Total value of tropical wood imports into the EU increased slightly in 2018, although at a slower rate than imports [...]

Germany shifts away from imports of tropical wood

Insights into the reasons for Germany’s shift away imports of tropical wood, particularly direct imports, were provided by the [...]