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China: Softwood log imports remain strong despite shipping issues and rising prices

Softwood log market in China remained strong throughout the first quarter of 2021 with exporters paying king’s ransom for [...]

Considerable rise in UK timber and panel imports

The recovery in UK import volume seen in the second half of 2020 continued in January 2021 with timber and [...]

Changing trends in China’s softwood lumber import market

    According to the statistics released by China Customs, China’s import volume of softwood lumber decreased [...]

China: Prices for New Zealand radiata pine logs rising sharply in March

    Details of the price changes of Chinese imports of radiata pine logs in March are as [...]

Chinese imports of wood products to be significantly altered starting 2022

    China is the world’s largest importer of softwood and hardwood logs, and for many decades [...]

European countries gaining market shares in US lumber imports

The United States consumed roughly 47 billion board feet of softwood lumber in 2019, 30.8% of which came from [...]

China’s timber import prices under increased pressure

    Since the beginning of the year, the Chinese timber market is impacted by a low availability [...]

European imports of energy wood fall for the first time in 20 years

    After nearly 20 years of almost continuous growth, the value of energy wood imported to the [...]

EU wood furniture imports down in 2020

  EU wood furniture imports down 3% in 2020 Considering individual products, the dollar value of EU27+UK imports [...]

Sharp recovery in EU tropical wood product imports

Total EU27 (i.e. excluding the UK) import value of tropical wood and wood furniture products was US$2.75 [...]