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Congested Chinese ports put pressure on softwood log imports

    Log stocks in China have not increased but there is a lot of volume on boats [...]

Latvia’s timber industry concerned about trade with Belarus

    Latvian timber industry has recently raised alarm that the Latvian banks are being overly cautious regarding [...]

High price of imported European spruce logs in China

The recent surge in spruce log prices coming from Europe has severely affected the enthusiasm of Chinese dealers to purchase [...]

Current trends in China imports and prices of softwood lumber

China's imports of softwood lumber from Russia from January to July decreased by 19% year-on-year, a fall [...]

Demand for softwood logs demand in China expected to increase in September

    Softwood log inventory in China has not risen in the last month and sits around 5 [...]

India’s domestic timber demand to be driven up by huge infrastructure demand

The huge demand for infrastructure will inevitably drive a sharp increase in India's domestic timber demand.       [...]

Decline in supply to China from major sawn softwood suppliers

    In the first half of 2021, China’s sawn softwood imports came to 9.66 million [...]

Rise in CIF prices for China sawnwood imports

    According to China Customs in the first half of 2021 sawnwood imports totalled 14.06 million [...]

Severe timber shortage in UK as ‘perfect storm’ brings price hikes and delays

    The Covid crisis, Brexit hurdles and surging construction activity have combined to create a ‘huge’ timber [...]

Canada’s lumber producers to move more to US South due to high log prices in BC

    British Columbia is sharply increasing the cost of logs for lumber producers just as wood products [...]