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Is China going to ban imports of Canadian timber?

On June 16, China announced that pests were found in logs imported from Canada. This news triggered concerns in the [...]

Significant recovery in China’s softwood lumber imports in April

After Chinese imports of softwood lumber experienced a though first quarter, a significant recovery was noticed at the beginning of [...]

Sharp drop in China’s tropical log imports

Tropical log imports in the first two months of 2020 amounted 1.30 million cubic metres, down 26% year on [...]

European timber importers freeze orders

    Accurate estimates of the specific effects on timber trade volumes this year will only become apparent [...]

Forestry companies in China increase overseas timber purchases in order to secure domestic supply

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, production in major wood-producing countries has stalled, the patterns [...]

China’s imports of logs, lumber, pulp and wood chips collapse in Jan.-Feb. 2020

The coronavirus epidemic in China has resulted in sharply reduced importation of forest products in early 2020. During January and [...]

Growth in EU tropical timber imports continues in 2019

Despite a downturn in the last six months of 2019, EU imports of tropical wood products last year were greater [...]

EU wood imports continue to recover in 2019

    Recovery in EU wood imports continues in 2019 The total value of EU28 imports of wood [...]

Europe becoming China’s second softwood lumber supplier, surpassing Canada

   Europe is now the second softwood lumber supplier to China; with a 60% yoy increase in deliveries.  [...]

India may restrict imports of furniture

The Indian government is likely to impose restrictions on imports of furniture with a view to boost domestic manufacturing and [...]