Latest Trends

Tropical sawnwood rising its share on the European market

Recent reports on European economic and construction sector health and outlook make for almost exclusively positive reading. After the EU [...]

Softwood logs exports from Europe to China excedeed those of softwood lumber

      Due to a massive boost of exports from France, total European softwood logs deliveries [...]

Lumber prices in the US went down at the beginning of August

Framing lumber prices in US spiraled downward, as mills searched for trading levels to little avail. Deep double-digit cuts [...]

China’s wood companies face difficulties in the US market

    Data from China Customs shows that in 2017 total value of China’s wood products trade [...]

Germany: Record wood pellets production in the first half of 2018

    In the first half of 2018, around 1.18 million tonnes of wood pellets were produced [...]

Latest trends in the European oak market

    Prices across the range of temperate species are said to be firm thanks to demand levels [...]

Major US company quits wood pellet business

    Nearly a decade after entering the business of developing new wood pellet production machines, Astec Industries [...]

Softwood lumber prices in Austria develop unevenly

    In June, softwood lumber prices in Austria have registered some mixed developments. Compared with May, edged [...]

EU wood door and window market on an upward trend

Eurostat PRODCOM data reveals that the total value of wood doors supplied to the EU increased by 5% to €7 [...]

Stora Enso reports sharp growth in its Wood Products segment

Sales in Stora Enso's Wood products division increased 7.2%, or EUR 29 million to EUR 430 million. This [...]