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Chinese wood companies reroute wood products as to beat US tariffs

As the trade war between China and the U.S. festers, business leaders and analysts say Chinese producers are likely [...]

Trends in the European wood pellet market

Due to their location at seaports and limited domestic production, the large power utilities in the United Kingdom and Belgium [...]
October 1, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

EU demand for wood pellets still at a high level

    The EU is the world’s largest wood pellet market, with consumption of about 22.7 [...]
September 26, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

Canadian lumber giants downgraded due to negative expectations for the US housing market

Shares in several major Canadian forestry companies closed down Wednesday after an analyst downgrade and lower-than-expected building permits [...]

European tropical logs and sawnood on recover this year

    After a downturn in 2017, the quantity of EU imports of tropical logs recovered a little [...]

Chinese sawnwood imports and prices up sharply this year

China’s sawnwood imports in the first quarter of 2018 totalled 8.28 million cubic metres valued at US$2 [...]

Segezha Group starts production at new wood pellet plant in Russia

Segezha Group starts production of the wood pellets at the company’s Sokol Timber Company in Russia. According to the [...]

Production of wood pellets keeps growing in European countries

With a production of about 14.3 MMT in 2017, about fifty percent of global production, the EU is the [...]
September 24, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

Oak lumber restrictions lifted in Croatia

The transport restrictions for oak wood in Croatia which have the purpose of preventing the propagation of the oak lace [...]
September 24, 2018 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Forestry / Sawmilling / Europe

Europe might profit from the US-China trade war

The additional tariffs of the US government under President Donald Trump slow the Chinese growth by 0.1 to 0 [...]