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New Zealand’s forestry sector hopes fumigation alternative will unlock Indian market

    New Zealand's forestry sector is hopeful exports to India will resume now the Environmental Protection [...]

Timber prices up 35% in Europe with further rises likely due to war pressure

    European market prices for certain timber products are up 35% as a result of the Ukraine [...]

FSC Russia to break relations with FSC International; starts own certification scheme

In March, the International Board of FSC International decided to suspend all Russian FSC trade certificates indefinitely. The decision comes [...]

European log and lumber supply to China expected to drop in the upcoming years

    Harvesting in Europe may have reached peak levels and reductions in softwood logs from Europe due [...]

Shortage of nails: German pallet industry fears production downtime

A report by the German Federal Association of Wooden Packaging, Pallets, Export Packaging (HPE) shows how intertwined the European and [...]

Current state of China’s log import market

While it appears that the upward pressure on shipping prices has abated, the China log demand has come off  from [...]

France: Historic moment for the oak market as demand is unprecedented

  For the oak market in France the current moment is historic as it has never reached such a [...]

Estonia: Ongoing timber shortage as 30% of supply is now missing

      Due to the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus, Estonia is missing 30 percent [...]

Australian timber industry could be hardly hit if government imposes sanctions on Russian imports

The Australian timber and construction industry fears more risk to its lumber supply chain if the government imposes sanctions on [...]

Enviva invests US$250 million build a new pellet plant

Enviva will invest $250 million in Bond, Mississippi to build a new wood pellet production plant.     [...]