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North American lumber prices plateau after previous weeks of growth

Potentially signalling a plateau in lumber prices, at least for the time being, benchmark softwood lumber commodity items stayed flat [...]

China: Prices for imported logs rising fast in March

    In the week (March 15-21), China's log import price index maintained a steady upward [...]

Wood raw materials in short supply in Germany

    If the scarcity of raw materials on the German wood market continues, pallet producers and other [...]

EU wood product exporters struggle to respond to UK due diligence requests

    One measure already enforced in the UK is the UK Timber Regulation which imposes legality due [...]

New large wood pellet plant to be built in Russia; production exported to Europe

Russian company LLC Luzales plans a second plant for the production of wood fuel pellets. The plant is being built [...]

Analysis of current timber market prices fluctuations in China

    Many members of China’s timber associations have reported increases in timber prices are of concern [...]

North American lumber prices not expected to drop soon

   Industry experts hopeful prices could begin to decline in second half of 2021   Lumber prices in [...]

Lumber prices impact U.S. housing starts

February’s housing start numbers have been disappointing for the housing market. Housing starts fell last month by 10.3 [...]

Significant wood product trade impact as UK leaves the EU single market

    UK trade with the EU is now governed by the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement [...]

Big German sawmills plan to increase production in 2021

    The largest sawmills in Germany increased their sawmill production volume again last year. Most companies want [...]