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Chinese import of softwood lumber enters a falling trend

The steady increase in softwood lumber import in China continued during the first six months of 2020, but then entered [...]

Why now might be the best time to buy lumber in N. America?

    After more than doubling in price last year, lumber futures have dropped to their lowest level [...]

Global container freight rates expected to hit new highs

    Freight rates are rising in various ways, and shipping companies’ fees are becoming diverse.   [...]

India could replace China as a substitute market for Australian timber

In November 2020, China claimed that harmful organisms were detected in multiple batches of logs imported from Australia. The Australian [...]

N. American lumber prices surge sharply as Canada wildfires cut sawmills production

Lumber futures rose the most in more than a year on concern that wildfires in western Canada will reduce supply [...]

Fall in US lumber prices could hit European markets soon

    The price rally of softwood lumber is receding, experts of the Estonian wood industry believe. However [...]

New Zealand log export prices dropped as China’s seasonal demand falls

    The At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for New Zealand export logs in July decreased an average [...]

Finnish roundwood prices continue to rise in June

    The stumpage prices of roundwood in Finland continued to rise in June. Pine logs fetched an [...]

Log demand in China expected to drop as Taicang sawmills are forced to relocate

Softwood log inventory in China has risen to about 5.5m m3 and daily port off-take has dropped to [...]

Prices of logs in Poland have doubled in recent months

    Wood prices in Poland more than doubled in recent months. A cubic meter of pine logs [...]