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Germany: Wood auctions reveal high prices for hardwoods, oaks especially

Recent auctions in Germany reveal considerably higher prices for hardwoods, and especially for oaks. The auction in Wettenberg in [...]
February 1, 2023 Latest Trends

Stora Enso expects production cuts in its Wood Products segment

Finnish forestry giant Stora Enso posted its best annual results in more than 20 years although profit declined in the [...]
February 1, 2023 Latest Trends

Wood pellet supply tight in 2023

Supply tightness in the industrial wood pellet market may continue throughout 2023, but will depend on the outcome of European [...]
February 1, 2023 Latest Trends

European countries grow lumber supplies to Japan in 2022

In 2022, Japan’s imports of lumber edged up 1.2% to 4.9 million m3. The value of imports [...]
February 1, 2023 Latest Trends

China: Prices for imported timber expected to revive now

Before the Chinese New Year (CNY), among the arrival prices of China's imported timber used in mid-to-high [...]
January 30, 2023 Latest Trends

Weyerhaeuser expects higher lumber sales in Q1/2023

Weyerhaeuser Company reported fourth quarter net earnings of $11 million on net sales of $1.8 billion. This compares with [...]
January 30, 2023 Latest Trends

IKEA replaced Russian wood with more supplies from the Baltics and Sweden

IKEA is using more wood from Sweden and the Baltics to make up for not sourcing it from Russia and [...]
January 30, 2023 Latest Trends

Global sawlog prices on a downward trend

Wood raw-material costs for sawmills in North America and Europe eased in the 3Q/22 as demand and prices [...]
January 30, 2023 Latest Trends

Latvia’s forest industry hits export record last year

Last year's 11 months saw a new export record in the forest sector, but this year there is a [...]
January 30, 2023 Latest Trends

China’s softwood lumber imports down 13% in 2022; prices rise

In 2022, China’s imports of softwood lumber decreased 13% year-on-year to 16,7 million m3. The value [...]
January 27, 2023 Latest Trends