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US investment company completes acquisition of majority stake in Europe’s largest wood pellet company

    Apollo Global Management Inc. has closed acquisition of 80% stake in AS Graanul Invest. The transaction [...]

Drax to start construction on second satellite wood pellet plant

Drax Group has started construction on the second of three satellite wood pellet plants in Arkansas.     [...]

Europe’s largest wood pellet producer acquired by US investment fund

Apollo Global Management, Inc. announced that funds managed by its affiliates have agreed to acquire a majority stake in AS [...]

Brussels aims to tighten rules on burning wood pellets

    Brussels wants to tighten rules to prevent some forms of wood-burning energy from counting towards [...]

Drax builds three new pellet plants in Arkansas

    Drax Group will begin constructing the first of three new ‘satellite’ pellet plants in Arkansas.  [...]

Russian Sveza plans large investment in a new sawmill and pellet plant

    Russian Sveza plans to invest 8.6 billion rubles (EUR 93.4 million) in the construction [...]

Drax completed acquisition of Pinnacle Renewable Energy

British energy company Drax, which owns the world’s largest biomass power station, located in the United Kingdom and wood [...]

Dutch to limit wood pellet subsidies, possibly signaling EU change

In a speedbump for the accelerating biomass industry in the European Union, the Dutch Parliament on February 25 voted to [...]

European imports of energy wood fall for the first time in 20 years

    After nearly 20 years of almost continuous growth, the value of energy wood imported to the [...]

Current trends in Russia’s wood pellet market

     About 3 million tons of wood pellets were produced in Russia in 2020. The output growth [...]