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Russian wood pellet market growing sharply in 2018

          In 2018, exports of wood pellets from Russia reached 1 [...]

Record pellet production in Finland

    More wood pellets were produced and imported in 2018 than ever before. In addition, the exports [...]

Wood pellets exports from North America expand in the European market

  North American wood pellets exports to the European Union countries grew sharply in 2018, as UK's hunger [...]

Price of wood pellets in Austria stable in March

The price of wood pellets in Austria is higher in March 2019 as compared to March 2018. The price currently [...]

Price evolution for Polish wood pellets in 2018

    Current wood pellets production in Poland is close to 1 million tons per year.  Along with [...]

Wood pellets’ price in Germany go through seasonal drop in March

The price of wood pellets fell in Germany by 0.8 percent in March compared to the previous month. The [...]

Italy boosts its wood pellets imports in 2018

After a 9% increase in 2017, wood pellets imported by Italy showed a much more consistent trend growth in 2018 [...]

Japan’s wood pellet hunger to be fed with N. American supplies

    Japan's consumption of wood pellets continues to increase significantly in the wake of the Fukushima [...]

17% rise in exports of wood pellets from US

The US exported 6.04 million metric tons of wood pellets in 2018, up approximately 17 percent when compared to [...]
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Wood pellet prices fall sharply in the Baltic States

On February 27th and 28th, 2019, the European Pellets Conference which took place in Wels, Austria gathered around 660 participants [...]