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Belarus to start producing wood pellets

  A program to build six pellet plants in Belarus is being implemented. All of them will be operational [...]
August 22, 2019 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

Russia: Wood pellet suppliers and foreign buyers in H1/2019

Exports of wood pellets from Russia are growing at the highest rate in recent years. In H1/2019, exports grew [...]

Company from Vietnam to supply 300,000 t/yr of wood pellets to Japan

Eastwood Energy Joint Stock Company signed a long-term contract with CellMark, a global supply chain service company, to sell [...]

Falling prices for wood pellets in Vietnam

As demand in South Korea is slowing down, Vietnamese wood pellets prices are falling relative to the rise seen this [...]

Wood pellet production hits new record in Germany

Due to increasing wood stocks in the German forests, the production of wood pellets has been steadily increasing for years [...]
August 19, 2019 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

Many business opportunities in the South American wood pellet market

South America is one of the continents in which wood pellet production is yet to reach its full potential because [...]

Demand of wood pellets in EU expected to reach 30 million tons this year

The US has the potential to supply 65 percent of the EU wood pellet import demand, at an expected trade [...]

Rising European trend in wood pellet production continues

    With a production of about 16.9 mmt in 2018, about fifty percent of global production [...]

Germany: Price of wood pellets continues to fall in June

The price of wood pellets in Germany fell again slightly compared to the previous month of June by 1.73 [...]

Pinnacle to supply wood pellets to Japan and South Korea.

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc. announced that it has entered into two new long-term, take-or-pay off-take contracts [...]