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Pellet prices in Germany fall drastically

Pellet prices fell in Germany to €555/t in the second week of November. This means that wood pellets now [...]

Low pellet fuel supply in Europe creates supply shock

    Reduced pellet supplies in Western Europe and the U.K. resulting from sanctions on Russia has [...]

Germany: Relaxation on the pellet market in sight

    On the pellet market in Germany, there are signs of declining demand accompanied by a normalization [...]

Vietnam boosts wood pellet exports and prices

Vietnam has emerged as the world’s second largest exporter of wood pellets, one of the important export items of [...]

World’s largest pellet plant starts production in Mississippi

    The world’s largest wood pellet plant is nearly fully operational in Lucedale, Mississippi.   [...]

Firewood shortages in France are pushing up the price of logs

Firewood shortages in France are intensifying and prices have jumped by more than 20% since June due to soaring demand [...]

Germany: Pellet price quadrupled yoy, but trend reversal on the market in sight

    The pellet market in Germany continues to be influenced by many factors, caused by the effects [...]

Wood pellet shortages in France cause prices to rise

The price of wood pellets is soaring in France due to a growing shortage of the fuel as people prepare [...]

Wood pellet capacity continues to expand in N. America

    Global wood pellet demand continues to soar, with tight market conditions likely to spur significant investments [...]

Wood pellet producers in U.S. urge consumers to stock up

    Wood pellet manufacturers in U.S. are urging the owners of wood pellet heating appliances to [...]