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No sales market for Russian pellet exporters starting July

From July 10, the Russian wood pellet exports to Europe, the main market for Russian companies, will be completely stopped [...]

UK wood pellet market looking for new suppliers

Changes to global supply chains brought on by the crisis in Ukraine, as well as increased demand across Europe, have [...]

German pellet prices higher by 80% yoy

The war-related effects on energy policy can also be felt on the pellet market, where there is still no [...]

European Pellets Conference 2022 emphasizes current trends in the pellet market

    The European Pellets Conference 2022 on April 6 in Wels, Upper Austria, as well as online [...]

Enviva invests US$250 million build a new pellet plant

Enviva will invest $250 million in Bond, Mississippi to build a new wood pellet production plant.     [...]

ENplus suspends all certified pellet companies in Belarus and Russia

    In response to Russia's illegitimate invasion of Ukraine, ENplus, a world-leading certification scheme to [...]

Wood pellet prices could skyrocket due to end of Russian supply

Homes and businesses heated by biomass boilers face skyrocketing costs as supplies of wood pellets are disrupted by Russia’s [...]

N. American wood pellet exports at record high in 2021

  North American wood pellet exports hit a record high in 2021, boosted by demand from Asia and the [...]

Record wood pellet production in Germany

Although the production of wood pellets in Germany fell slightly in the fourth quarter of 2021, a new production record [...]
February 16, 2022 Latest Trends / Market Analysis / ...Wood Energy / Europe

Wood pellet prices rise sharply in Central Europe

    The price of wood pellets has seen a sharp rise in Central European countries in January [...]