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One of the largest sawmill companies in Russia to stop all wood pellet production

ULK Group, the largest sawmill company in the Northwest of Russia, will stop all of its pellet production facilities due [...]

Prices of wood pellets continue to fall in Germany

Prices for wood pellets have fallen further in November and have now been following a pronounced downward trend since the [...]

Concern that increased Turkish wood pellet exports originate from Russia

The European-Union (EU)-imposed ban on imports of woody biomass from Russia has resulted in a seven-fold spike [...]

Pellet prices in Germany fall drastically

Pellet prices fell in Germany to €555/t in the second week of November. This means that wood pellets now [...]

Low pellet fuel supply in Europe creates supply shock

    Reduced pellet supplies in Western Europe and the U.K. resulting from sanctions on Russia has [...]

Germany: Relaxation on the pellet market in sight

    On the pellet market in Germany, there are signs of declining demand accompanied by a normalization [...]

Vietnam boosts wood pellet exports and prices

Vietnam has emerged as the world’s second largest exporter of wood pellets, one of the important export items of [...]

World’s largest pellet plant starts production in Mississippi

    The world’s largest wood pellet plant is nearly fully operational in Lucedale, Mississippi.   [...]

Firewood shortages in France are pushing up the price of logs

Firewood shortages in France are intensifying and prices have jumped by more than 20% since June due to soaring demand [...]

Germany: Pellet price quadrupled yoy, but trend reversal on the market in sight

    The pellet market in Germany continues to be influenced by many factors, caused by the effects [...]