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Swedish stocks of wood products continue to decrease; prices expected to rise this autumn

After the spring and summer price party for wood products in the US market, the price situation has now returned [...]

Setra invests in a new saw line

The Swedish wood industry company Setra invests in a new saw line for small diameter logs at the company's [...]

Higher timber prices in Sweden expected in 2021

    Expect higher timber prices in Sweden in 2021    This is how you [...]

Sweden: Sawmills run at high speed on record export prices

In its latest newsletter, Danske Bank has taken a closer look at the Swedish sawmills' corona boom and how long [...]

Swedish Bergkvist Siljan plans to increase sawn wood production by 60%

    The Environmental Impact Assessment Delegation has granted the sawmill group Bergkvist Siljan permission to increase the [...]

UK could face major timber shortages in Q3/2021

Sweden, who supplies almost half of the structural wood that is used in the UK, has its current stock levels [...]

Swedish wood products in high demand; outlook bright

Demand for Swedish wood products remains high. All indications are that 2021 will be a strong year for the Swedish [...]

Swedish sawmills have lowest stock levels for over 20 years, prices under pressure

    Demand for wood products remains high, but their supply is limited. Despite full production and manufacturing [...]

Sweden: Rise in sawlog prices after two years of falling

For the first time in two years delivery prices for both sawlog and pulpwood have increased in Sweden, in comparison [...]

Södra to increase timber prices due to strong demand in market

    Sweden's Södra raises the price for timber, pulpwood, small timber and logs. At the [...]