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Swedish sawmills are unexpectedly strong due to high US demand

One of the explanations for the unexpected strength in a currently declining wood products economy is how much wood products [...]

Sweden’s sawmills expected to further reduce capacity in 2023

    In its latest Forestry Report for 2022, Handelsbanken looks back on the year and writes what [...]

Swedish sawn timber export prices continue to fall

In September, for the 4th consecutive month, Swedish sawn timber export prices fell further compared to the previous month. Recall [...]

Sweden: Sawlog prices continue to rise in Q3/2022

During the third quarter of 2022, delivery timber prices for both sawlogs and pulpwood in Sweden increased in comparison with [...]

The Swedish forest industry faces major challenges

    The world is currently facing major challenges. Interest rates are rising rapidly and sharply, the costs [...]

Sweden’s softwood lumber exports: less to Europe, more to US and Asia

In the first seven months of 2022, Sweden has exported about 7,7 million cubic meters of sawn and planed [...]

Norra Skog to invest EUR 27 million in Kåge sawmill in Sweden

    Norra Skog’s board of directors announced last week that it was investing SEK 300 million [...]

Bergs to close Broakulla mill in Sweden

After a strategic review of the operations in Bitus AB, a subsidiary of Bergs, the Board of Directors has concluded [...]

Vida Group says electricity price will affect its production over time

    For Sweden's largest sawmill group, Vida, a price increase of SEK 1/kWh on the [...]

Sweden’s sawn timber market expected to be hot this autumn

Wood prices in Sweden are now at or close to peak level, Danke Bank estimates in its review. The demand [...]