Sweden searches for new opportunities in the rising Japanese wooden house building

New opportunities arise in the Japanese construction sector for the Swedish lumber. Swedish Forest Industry President, Carina Håkansson (in the second photo), went this March to Japan together with the Swedish Rural Minister, Sven-Erik Bucht.

The two officials participated at the “Treasures of the Forest” program, which will strengthen the dialogue between the two countries in sustainability issues, large wooden buildings and new applications, according to Skogs Industrierna.

SwedishwoodThe program was organized by the Embassy of Sweden, Business Sweden and Growth Analysis in Japan.

As Skogs Industrierna reported, Olle Pettersson, of the Swedish Embassy in Japan, believes that the ongoing evaluations are going very well, as new connections between the forest industries in Japan and Sweden are to be created.

“The forest industry is a very exciting area for cooperation between the countries. There are sharp contrasts in areas such as competitiveness, forest management and approach to sustainability. There are also similarities, such as in innovation where both countries are at the forefront in research on new materials such as nano-cellulose. Both similarities and differences provide opportunities for increased exchange,” said Pettersson.

Japan is already an important market for Swedish wood. 10% of the total Swedish exports to CarinaJapan consist of forestry and wood products, and Sweden exports reach a value of over two billion per year.

Carina Håkansson, President of the Federation, felt that interest in building high wooden house was great.

In Japan, many houses are built of wood, but not much in height. We got many questions, not least about the sustainability aspects. Speaking of durability, Sweden's sustainable forestry can be a model for Japan”, said Carina Håkansson.

Japan has just as much forest as Sweden, but does not use it to the same extent, said Ms. Håkansson. Part of the explanation for this is that the terrain is difficult and on steep. Forest owners are not as active. Many do not know exactly where is the boundary between his forests and those of his neighbours.



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