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Swedish roundwood prices hit by the bark beetle infestation

    Both sawlog and pulpwood prices in Sweden decreased during the 3Q 2019 for the first time [...]

Estonia: Fall in spruce sawlog prices in September

    All sawlog assortments have become cheaper in Estonia in September 2019. The bark beetle crisis has [...]

Falling prices for Finnish pine and spruce sawlogs

Pine and spruce sawlog prices in Finland are on a falling trend in August 2019, both as compared to the [...]

Lower sawlog costs in Germany drive the lumber industry export sales

    Large volumes of storm and insect damaged trees in Germany have resulted in an oversupply of [...]

Swedish sawlog prices on the rise in Q2/2019

    The second quarter of 2019 shows rising sawlog prices in Sweden on a yearly basis. Pine [...]

Sawlog prices in Norway continue to decline

The average price across the whole range of roundwood assortments in Norway fell slightly again in May 2019. Following the [...]

Falling roundwood prices in Estonia

    The prices for softwood roundwood in Estonia are falling again after the rapid increase since the [...]

Global sawlog prices fall sharply in the first quarter of 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, the global sawlog prices fell to the lowest level in two years. Sawlog prices [...]

More expensive roundwood in Finland

    The prices for roundwood in Finland have increased significantly during April 2019, as compared to the [...]

Estonian sawlogs continue to rise at the beginning of 2019

    Roundwood prices in Estonia rose further in January 2019 from an already high level reported throughout [...]