Rising trend in Russian roundwood prices reversed

Rising trend in Russian roundwood prices reversed

After a sharp recovery in the summer months from the Covid-19 negative impact, roundwood prices in Russia have started to trend again downwards in September. 

At an average price of 2,445 RUB/m3 (29.21 EUR/m3) in September 2020, the softwood sawlogs price in Russia has fallen by 7% as compared to the same month last year, and is also slightly lower as compared to August 2020. 

Following the same trend, hardwood sawlog prices in Russia have decreased in September 2020 as compared to September 2019 by 4%.

Among pulpwood assortments, the prices also show a decreasing trend: softwood pulpwood price is lower in September 2020 by 20% over the same month of 2020.

Average producer prices of roundwood (at roadside) sold in domestic market on the Federal district level., RUB/m³, under bark, excl. VAT.

Sep-19 Aug-20 Sep-20 Change in % Sep-19/Sep-20
Softwood sawlogs 2,643 RUB 2,447 RUB 2,445 RUB -7.49%
Hardwood sawlogs 2,470 RUB 1,367 RUB 2,362 RUB -4.37%
Softwood pulpwood 1,552 RUB 1,300 RUB 1,240 RUB -20.10%
Hardwood pulpwood 1,257 RUB 1,092 RUB 1,041 RUB -17.18%

Prices converted in EUR

Sep-19 Aug-20 Sep-20
Softwood sawlogs 29.21 EUR 27.04 EUR 27.02 EUR
Hardwood sawlogs 27.30 EUR 15.11 EUR 26.10 EUR
Softwood pulpwood 17.15 EUR 14.37 EUR 13.70. EUR
Hardwood pulpwood 13.89 EUR 12.07 EUR 11.51 EUR



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