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Current prices for Brazilian exports of tropical logs, sawnwood and plywood

    In August this year Brazilian exports of wood-based products (except pulp and paper) increased 25 [...]

Rising demand for logs and lumber in China due strong construction season

Sawmills report increased sale prices for lumber in Asian markets. These increases were agreed relatively quickly by the buyers which [...]

Roundwood price evolutions in Finland

    The average price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 53.8 per cubic metre, and [...]

Covid-19 recovery brings rising sawlog prices in Russia

    Sawlog prices in Russia have increased slightly in June 2020, indicating a recovery from the coronavirus [...]

N. American softwood lumber prices flatten

Most standard construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities could level off or even start dropping, and that’s exactly what [...]

Supplies of Brazilian tropical wood tightening

Supplies of tropical sawnwood and hardwood decking in Brazil are also tighter than usual at this time of year during [...]

Prices of imported lumber in September 2020 at various Chinese timber markets

The tables above contain the latest price data of different imported lumber assortments at several Chinese markets.    [...]

Sharp fall in Estonian roundwood prices

    Under the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the price pressure of the bark beetle [...]

Falling sawlog prices in Finland

    In July, the average stumpage price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 53.5 per [...]

Perfect storm has led to lumber, panel prices skyrocketing in North America

    John Gunkelman is the owner of Fargo’s Dakota Construction and is the immediate past president [...]