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Germany: Wood prices defy the construction crisis

    Softwood lumber prices in Germany are holding up. Hardwood prices are rising. Energy wood is still [...]

Mixed developments in China-EU wood products trade

According to China Customs in the first nine months of 2022 China’s log imports fell 32% to 33 million [...]

Austria: Sawlog prices stable in November 2022

    The Austrian sawmill industry is sufficiently stocked with softwood logs corresponding to the current demand, but [...]

Sweden: Sawlog prices continue to rise in Q3/2022

During the third quarter of 2022, delivery timber prices for both sawlogs and pulpwood in Sweden increased in comparison with [...]

US lumber: Post-bubble prices under further pressure

US lumber futures continued to fall over the past few months as weakening housing markets in major economies amid rising [...]

Softwood log prices in Latvia continue to rise in Q3/2022

From July 2022 to September 2022, the price of softwood log assortments has continued to rise in the Latvian wood [...]

Central European roundwood markets are at a turning point

    Forests in much of Central Europe have recently suffered extensive damage from a bark beetle outbreak [...]

Södra’s roundwood prices increased again

    Södra raises the prices of industrial roundwood and fuel wood purchased from members, after seven [...]

Austria: Sawlog prices stable in October; demand from sawmills low

    Persistent economic uncertainties, constantly rising costs in all areas and a lack of new orders continue [...]

Forecast: The use of wood in Finland will increase next year, log prices to fall

    The demand for wood in Finland will increase next year and the wood trade in private [...]