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Finland: Roundwood price analysis in 2019

   In 2019, the average price paid for pine logs purchased from Finnish non-industrial private forests in standing [...]

Germany: Price of pellets on a downward trend

     The price of wood pellets fell slightly in February. The average price for a 6 t [...]

Falling roundwood prices in Estonia

     Roundwood prices in Estonia are starting to feel the pressure of the bark beetle crisis in [...]

Sharp drop in Lithuanian roundwood prices

    In December 2019, pine logs in Lithuania were priced at € 57/ m3 (-3.4% compared to [...]

Finland: Roundwood price overview in December 2019

   In December 2019, the average price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 53.1 per cubic meter [...]

Upward trend in Swedish roundwood prices in 2019

Delivery prices on roundwood has increased two years in a row. The increase of 2019 was however less than the [...]

Germany: Dramatic fall in softwood pulplog prices

  In Germany, softwood pulplog prices have experienced a dramatic decline the past year because of an oversupply of [...]

Rise in New Zealand prices for exported logs

The CFR sale price for A grade logs in China remained in the mid US$120s range per m3. At [...]

Södra adjusts the prices for pulpwood due to oversupply

    The supply of pulp in Sweden and in the rest of Europe is high, which has [...]