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Russia plans to stimulate exports of wood pellets

The Russian government expects to reduce the amount of wood waste by stimulating exports of wood  pellets.    [...]

Latest prices for Brazilian exported tropical logs, sawnwood and plywood

In May 2020, the value of Brazilian exports of woodbased products (except pulp and paper) dropped 13.5% compared to [...]

Finnish log prices fall in June

In January-June, the member companies of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation bought 13.6 million cubic meters of wood [...]

Why the US lumber prices have increased by 60%?

    US lumber prices made a big comeback in the second quarter, with a nearly 60% jump [...]

Swiss wood market marked by coronavirus and bark beetle

    The Swiss timber market has so far navigated the pandemic "relatively well", the Swiss Timber Commission [...]

Finland: Prices of logs on a downward trend

    In May, the average stumpage price for pine logs was EUR 53.9 per cubic metre [...]

Estonian sawlog prices rise in April 2020

    The prices for roundwood in Estonia have mostly increased during April 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic [...]

Prices of sawlogs in Finland shifting downwards in April 2020

    The prices for roundwood in Finland have shifted downwards on all assortments during April 2020, both [...]

Prices of wood falling sharply in Germany in the coronavirus crisis

The price of roundwood in Germany has collapsed sharply and is causing financial hardship for German forest owners. But one [...]

Global sawlog prices hardly change in Q1, despite trade interruptions

    Global sawlog prices hardly change in Q1 from Q4, despite trade interruptions, uncertainty about short-term [...]