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Finnish sawlog prices on the rise in February

Sawlog prices in Finland increased for almost all assortments during in February as compared to the same month last year [...]

France: Lumber price list for Q4/2018

    FRANCE LUMBER PRICES for the 4th quarter 2018         [...]

US: Panels and lumber prices continue to fall at the end of March

The Random Lengths Framing Lumber Composite Price slipped $1.          Week [...]

Germany: Wood products prices overview in February 2019

    In February, the German producer price index for wood products has registered a high degree of [...]

Price of wood pellets in Austria stable in March

The price of wood pellets in Austria is higher in March 2019 as compared to March 2018. The price currently [...]

Uncertain lumber market in the US causes mixed trends

    Framing lumber sales in US were inconsistent and price trends mixed, leaving buyers and sellers uncertain [...]

Price evolution for Polish wood pellets in 2018

    Current wood pellets production in Poland is close to 1 million tons per year.  Along with [...]

Wood pellets’ price in Germany go through seasonal drop in March

The price of wood pellets fell in Germany by 0.8 percent in March compared to the previous month. The [...]

Lumber prices in the US still down during March

    Framing lumber trading developed a stronger pulse for those serving markets graced with warmer and drier [...]

Sawlog prices in Latvia on sharp rise

    In the third quarter of 2018, the average roundwood purchase prices in Latvia have continued their [...]