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Finland: Roundwood prices continued to rise in June

    In June, an average of EUR 68.6 per cubic metre was paid for pine logs [...]

N. American lumber prices are sending a signal we should not ignore

Lumber is a highly illiquid futures market, making trading, investing, and hedging challenging. The lack of volume and open interest [...]

Sweden: Slowdown for the sawmill industry after record years – lower lumber prices are expected

    After the record years for the Swedish sawmill industry, there is now a slowdown in the [...]

North American softwood lumber prices start to rise again

     North American softwood lumber prices surged more than 7% on Thursday as mortgage rates fell for [...]

Wood prices in Germany: spruce 50% more expensive – new record prices

While the world market prices for wood are falling, there is no sign of this in Germany.    [...]

Finland: Lumber prices start to fall sharply

    Uncertainty is already visible in Finland's lumber market, and demand and prices for lumber have [...]

France: Considerable rise in lumber prices for Q1/2022

    As the below table shows, Q1/2022 prices for various lumber products in France have shown [...]

Softwood prices reach unprecedented highs in France

  Sawmill owners and loggers in France have never seen this! The prices of fir logs and especially those [...]

Logging in Russia drops due to export restrictions; lumber prices drop

  During the first quarter of 2022, logging in Russia fell by 2.4%, from 70.7 million cubic [...]

Timber prices in UK rise again in March after months of decrease

Material prices in the UK have shot up again after months of gradual decrease, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [...]