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Recent resurgence in US lumber prices expected to continue through early 2022

The price of lumber has seen a resurgence, which analysts expect will continue through early 2022.     [...]

North American softwood lumber prices rise further

As the end of September approached, the demand and sales of construction framing dimension softwood lumber commodities improved significantly, enough [...]

France is now largest supplier of oak logs to China

China Customs data shows France has been the largest supplier of oak imports since 2014. Previously Russia was the main [...]

France: Oak prices see unprecedented price surge

  Rarely has a rise in wood prices been so sharp and brutal in France. While oak prices took [...]

OSB prices plunge in US after historic highs

    After reaching historic highs in June, the price of OSB in US began to drop through [...]

Prices for softwood logs at a high level in Finland

    The stock prices of softwood logs were 15 per cent higher in August than in August [...]

Czech Republic: Wood prices expected to rise even further

    Unusual increases in wood prices in the Czech Republic continue to impact producers in the furniture [...]

Swedish stocks of wood products continue to decrease; prices expected to rise this autumn

After the spring and summer price party for wood products in the US market, the price situation has now returned [...]

Rise in CIF prices for China sawnwood imports

    According to China Customs in the first half of 2021 sawnwood imports totalled 14.06 million [...]

Prices of imported lumber at main Chinese timber distribution markets in August 2021

    The below index contains the latest update (August 2021) for prices of lumber from three major [...]