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Latest roundwood price trends in Finland

Spruce logs price in Finland reached an average of EUR 66.3 per cubic metre in standing sales in August [...]

Norway: Sharp rise in softwood log prices

The gradual increase in softwood prices in Norway since the second quarter of 2020 has continued into the second quarter [...]

Falling roundwood prices in Finland

Finnish spruce logs fetched an average of EUR 66.9 per cubic metre in standing sales in July. This was [...]

Estonia: The price of logs expected to rise further this autumn

      High demand for wood has led to a sharp increase in prices in Estonia [...]

Finnish lumber in short supply in China due to high prices

According to Chinese importers contacted by Timber Industry News, the supply of Finnish pine lumber in China's domestic market [...]

Sweden: Rise in sawlog prices after two years of falling

For the first time in two years delivery prices for both sawlog and pulpwood have increased in Sweden, in comparison [...]

Finland: Upward trend in log prices

    In February, the average stumpage price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 58.6 per [...]

Finnish roundwood trade and prices stable in 2020

In 2020, the average price paid for pine logs purchased from Finland's forests in standing sales was EUR 55 [...]

Finland: Log prices on the rise in November

    In November, the prices of softwood logs were 3–5 per cent higher in real terms [...]

Roundwood prices in Finland rise in September

The average price for pine logs in Finland was EUR 55.2 per cubic metre, and the price for spruce [...]