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China: Quarantine requirements on imported pine logs and lumber came into force

The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) released Decree 110, entitled quarantine requirements on [...]

Estonia’s softwood log prices fall in Q4/2021, but remain at a very high level

During the last quarter of 2021, timber prices remained very high in Estonia, although softwood log prices have fallen.  [...]

Rising roundwood prices in Finland

    Spruce logs prices in Finland reached an average of EUR 65.2 per cubic metre in [...]

German wood prices: 50 percent more money for spruce logs

German forest owners received around 50 percent more money for spruce logs in November. Overall, raw wood prices for producers [...]

China to update phytosanitary requirements for pine logs and lumber imports

China’s General Administration of Customs released new phytosanitary requirements for pine logs and lumber from 7 countries (United States [...]

Finland: Fall in roundwood prices

    Finland's spruce logs reached an average price of EUR 64.9 per cubic metre in [...]

Lithuanian sawlog prices double in one year

Pine and spruce sawlog prices in Lithuania have doubled yoy in September 2021. Moreover, prices for all assortments are well [...]

Estonian log prices are heading for a fall this autumn

    As in many countries, there was an unprecedented log boom in the Estonian timber market during [...]

Sweden: Rising roundwood prices in Q3/2021

Delivery purchase prices on Swedish roundwood increased during the 3Q 2021 after having been unchanged during the 2Q 2021.   [...]

The price of logs in Finland expected to rise 12% this year

    The Finnish timber market will pick up significantly this and next year, says the Finnish Pellervo [...]